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Hey users have a quick question. It's

I'm considering switching my service to

I am currently using Aweber and have had great results. I want to switch for various reasons, but I am concerned about deliverability.

In your experience how has the deliverability been?


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    Hi Shannon,

    GetResponse seems to work quite well; but I am very new to using it. I really just began. Haven't had any problems with it, yet.
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      In my experience (I did some limited testing with a number of email accounts) the verified opt-in delivery was very good, however the single opt-in delivery was not so great.

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    Hi Shannon,

    I work quite closely with the GetResponse crew and
    can tell you that they maintain a very strong focus
    on deliverability. This has been discussed often in
    the past and I can assure you that they are on par -
    or better - with their competitors.

    In terms of the time it takes to receive confirmations,
    this could be based on a number of factors and
    should not be construed as representative of email
    deliverability. They are not one and the same.

    Email deliverability is something that GetResponse
    constantly tests and you can rest assured that they
    will perform as well - or better - than other companies.

    Debbi Bressler
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      I am using getresponse and isn't it double optin too?

      Does GR has single optin? I thought all along due to some online regulations, double optin is necessary.

      I have also made the switch a year ago due to the price of GR is cheaper.

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