Some say yes, but Are interview style Product Still A good Thing?

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I've seen so many marketers get their start selling
interview type products, one that comes to mind is
Jeff Wellman's Layoff you boss products where they
just sit around and do video interviews.

Another one is 30day mastermind I think it's called
anyway I was just wondering if this is a good system
to use to get your feet wet in the IM or any niche
for that matter.

Does the interview style product still have a good
strong hold on the market, I'm thinking value wise?

If people in the IM niche still see these type of
products as something of value worth paying for?

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    I say yes because people more than likely that have an interest in a particular subject would buy a product that teaches them what they want to learn from a professional.
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    I use this method in many non-im niches successfully.

    I'm not sure that it's a good place to start an IM business, but what really matters is matching your value with what the market is after, so if you get it right it should still work well.

    I've been interviewed for various other peoples IM products and sites before too and Willie Crawford interviewed Alan Bechtold today so it's obviously something people want. You can get a sneak preview here: Work Personally With Alan R. Bechtold


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      Depends how good the interviewer is.

      Yeah, I know a lot of experts are teaching people to just go out there and interview people... but not everyone can pull off doing good interviews right away. Depends on their natural ability, their skill set, their level of curiosity, their ability to communicate and their ability to listen.

      If they have the ability to ask the right questions, dig deep, get content that nobody else can get from those experts, and make sure the content is highly usable to the audience -- then yes, definitely, it will work well!

      If they don't know how to ask questions, or are afraid to, or just read a list of prepared questions (a questionnaire, not an interview) then not really, because the expert is either not going to share, or will revert to their standard "keynote speech" rhetoric.

      That really doesn't add any value beyond what the expert has already done before, so the only saving grace is if it's a great collection of experts (and it's debatable whether a poor interviewer is going to land more than one great expert, but let's say they do) who are all giving from the heart and soul regardless of what they're asked.

      Otherwise it's not the best use of everyone's time, and it's not going to get satisfied customers.


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