Is Article Marketing Still Effective?

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I am thinking of getting 20 articles written for a niche and I was wondering if
this is still a good idea?

If so what method would I use to get the most out of the articles?
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    Post on your site and article directories. Not sure how much traffic you're going to extract with only 20 articles though - if you plan to submit to the article directories. Do what works for you. If you want to do traditional article marketing... you need more like 2000 articles to see some impact.
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    I did some experiments with article marketing about a year ago. The highest traffic I actually got was submitting my articles to stumble upon. YMMV
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    Top 10 article directories are still effective for generating traffic but you need to write plenty of articles daily then submit all articles to them to see good results. The top 10 are based on

    e.g: 20 articles per day.
    20 articles x 30 days x 10 article directories = 6,000 article submissions

    For safety on Google, I suggest you to spin each article for submission to 10 article directories.

    Few article directories accept original and unique articles which never submitted to elsewhere before. e.g:,
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    It depends on YOUR NICHE, THE SUBNICHE YOU'RE TARGETING, how you plan to monetize, and the quality of your content. There are too many variables. Please supply more details so the community can help you out. Also, look up Alexa Smith, she's the resident article marketing maven here.
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    I capitalized on about 10 keywords for my niche (all similar keywords) with roughly 20 articles. Received some PageRank too. All submitted to article directories. One unique high quality article for each directory, roughly 10 keywords on first page of Google. Also paid the 299 to get into Yahoo directory. Never submitted to any of the "top 10 article directories," except for goarticles. Just submit one article per directory, just my opinion.
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    If you're putting articles ON site and making your site relevant with GREAT, original, content, then yes!

    Traditional article marketing?

    Not a chance.
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    If you want score a good Alexa ranking then just target SEO related keywords and rank for them. Thats what I did and now in the 80K range and getting lower daily. Alexa ranks is just for bragging though cause it won't do anything for your site. Well, unless people link to you just because you have a good Alexa rank.
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    So if I decide to start writing articles, is it useless just to post them to article directory sites and point them to the vendor's sales letter?

    The question is if I am going to start an article marketing campaign, then its in my best interest to create my own blog on the product?
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    Originally Posted by makie View Post

    Is Article Marketing Still Effective?
    Yes, very much so. More so now than at any time since I've been online, anyway (since 2008). Large and increasing numbers of members here are making our full-time livings from article marketing.

    Appreciate very clearly, though, that "article marketing" and "article directory marketing" are two totally different things. Article directory marketing died in about 2009/10, and all Google's 2011 updates were only the last nails in its coffin-lid. (That's not to say that you should never use an article directory, but you should use it only for its intended purpose, and that has nothing to do with SEO at all).

    Here are two recent posts which will help you to understand the difference between article marketing and article directory marketing ...

    Originally Posted by makie View Post

    If so what method would I use to get the most out of the articles?
    Here's what I do, if it helps ...

    1. Write articles that other people want to publish and share with their already targeted traffic.

    2. Always publish them and have them indexed on your own site first - don't give an article directory (or anyone else) the initial indexation-rights to content not previously published.

    3. Get your articles re-published as widely as possible in places that already have the traffic you want (an article directory is a stepping-stone toward doing this, and has no other purpose at all, so don't try to use it/them for mass backlinks, nor for customer traffic, because those are both potentially expensive mistakes that can actually damage your business). Article marketing isn't about putting articles only on your site and then finding people to come along and read them: it's about taking your articles to where the people you want to attract are already looking. It isn't about how many articles you have: it's about who reads them.

    4. Never spin anything.

    5. Understand really clearly how article directories work and why it would be such a big mistake to try to get customer traffic from them.

    And good luck!
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    Article marketing is a fantastic way to get residual traffic, do the work once, get paid over and over. When i satarted out ,all I did was article marketing, because funds were low, when $$$$ started coming in I moved into other forms of marketing , and today I outsource my article writing, and it still works
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    Article marketing is very beneficial for your site because it generates good traffic plus increase PR as well. I have been this for a while and I have a good response from this process.
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    When you have your articles ready head over to and get them sydicated
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    This thread has insipred me to get back to writing articles as I had stopped due to Google slaps.

    Ok, ok, I know I should never give up but being human.......L-)
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    Well, as Alexa put it (very well indeed) ... Yes, article marketing is effective, if you know what you're doing and how to do it!

    As the general consensus goes, I also agree that 20 articles isn't going to "make or break" your business, but it's a start. You have to start somewhere and that puts you 20 articles ahead of those who haven't started their article marketing campaigns yet.

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    Article marketing is without a doubt still effective. However, you have to write more than 20 articles if you really want to get results. Article marketing is as much about quantity as it is about quality.
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    Is Article Marketing Still Effective?

    If you place DO FOLLOW link it will harm you! Used to work before not anymore!
    If you place a NO FOLLOW link you might get some traffic as long as your article rocks!
    Consider only quality article directory that people actually reads!
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    From what I've understood it's fantastic if you're actually committed to the art of writing and not um.. spinning.
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    Place them on your site. Index them. Put them on the bigger directories: Ezine, goarticles, sooper articles, etc. There's about 20 or so that get good traffic. Optimize. Make sure you have a catchy title, etc. You'll get some traffic... not tons. If you're lucky and your articles are top notch, they will be republished (syndicated) on other blogs.... that's where your traffic potential comes from.

    Use all that content to kick start your SEO campaign. Find the right keywords that do not directly compete with brand names, or established authority that you have no chance to complete with.

    Using submitters/services to blast your articles is a mistake. 99% of article sites are junk that no one but bots or submitters ever visits, that may hurt your ranking potential in the long run.

    You want to see what happens to most article marketers? Go to Ezine and type any keyword you want, see all those faces with 50,60,100,200 articles up who don't post anymore? That's the graveyard of article marketers. No they're not sipping Margaritas on a beach somewhere, they just went on to do other (more profitable ) things.

    There are exceptions (nobody get upset now), but it is tough to make it in just Article Marketing. Besides which, you should never be relying on just one source of traffic for anything you do in IM.
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    article marketing is a dead strategy that stopped being effective 5 years ago
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    Yes, it does have its usefulness. I would advise you to use this but add images and graphics to your articles if possible. These will help with ranking the content. Submit the articles to Google plus for quicker indexing.

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