Top 5 Marketing Niches?

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I was wondering what people think the big 5 marketing niches are, for example, is the number one "weight loss"?
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    I don't know if it is against the rules, but breaking into the adult niche would be extremely difficult. It is a ruthless!


    Jeff Mitchell
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    My all-time best selling niches have always been within these wide markets:

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      Originally Posted by myob View Post

      My all-time best selling niches have always been within these wide markets:

      I'm really fascinated with how UFOs are included in this list I remember being obsessed with it for a while. Just brought back memories. I really need to do more keyword research!

      On to topic, general top 5 for me are:

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    The 5 niches that are very profitable.....I know of only one.

    It would be the home business niche online. That niche is growing very fast and will grow for years to come. Some people think that it is saturated and no one will ever buy again but they are wrong.

    New babies are born each day around the world. In 18-25 years from now they will be searching for a way to earn money online.

    Everyday, 10,000's of new people all over the world (maybe more) go online for the first time and have one thing in their mind. They want to be able to learn how to make money online.
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    The biggest and most profitable niches are usually those who have
    the most people looking to solve a problem that they're desperate to

    Problems= good, large niches

    You'll always make more money in niches
    where people are actively searching for a solution
    to their problem.

    That's why weight loss, dating and relationships, sex,
    finances, career, job, work at home, biz opp, health,
    fitness... those are all top niches and markets that
    will continue to be top sellers.

    Think of all the areas in your life that you either
    want to have success in... or be happy in... and
    more than likely, there's a large group of people
    (market) who want to fix that area of their life.

    So, most top niches/markets are those
    where there's a large group of people
    who have desperate problems they want
    solutions for.

    Good markets are those with a large base of
    passionate fans... passionate to either solve
    a problem they have or fulfill their desires.

    That's why markets like weight loss, work from
    home, health and wellness, dating, etc... those
    will always be top sellers, because people want to
    fix those areas of their lives, if they're not happy in
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      Adult is one of the leading markets online, it is years ahead of most markets. Then you have weight loss, dating and gambling, not sure what number 5 would be. These are just my opinions of course.
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    Based on my expierience, there are 5 top niches on the internet: making money, health, gadget, video games, dating.
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    I'd say based on what I see:

    men picking up women
    weight loss/fitness
    online income
    other health topics
    gardening - sustainable living stuff
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    Anything to do with making money online (look at the topics in this thread).
    Weight loss & Self-help products/services are also at the top.
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    Making money online has to be #1 especially in this economy.
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      Originally Posted by clintmyers View Post

      Making money online has to be #1 especially in this economy.
      That is one of the biggest reasons. Good or bad economy. This niche is always going to be strong.
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    That is all very well but the guys who supply the shovels always make the most money...

    Take a look at what the main shovel seller is up to:
    Google - Products
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    I would say the Make money niche is one of the biggest!
    Then probably weight loss, embaressing problems, and relationships, finance and forex are also pretty big online
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    I don' t know about the top 5 but I would say the top 3 are health, wealth and love
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    my dream is to open a website which have a beautiful collection of boy,men accessories....having a wide variety of wristbands,muffler,belts,cool tattoos,a sports type stuffs,beats at one place....
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    A lot of people are saying the make money online niche - which is a big money niche; but it is not an easy money niche. Also I agree that the adult niche is a ruthless one - not to mention the fact that Google HATES it. And, by the way, Google also hates the IM niche.

    It's funny I stumbled across this thread because just within the last hour or two, while doing research for the site that I'm in the process of building (I have a site that sales niche bundles of resale rights material) I found a blog post "5 Affiliate Marketing Niches That Can Make You $1000 A Day." The writer's premise here is not that these are the top earning niches per se, but the easiest to break into and make money at relatively quickly. And he writes from his own experience. And I have to say I think he's pretty much spot on. If you Google it you can probably find it and read what he has to say (the author's name is Justin Dupre), but here they are in a nutshell:

    1. Dating
    2. Gaming
    3. Education
    4. Weight Loss
    5. Muscles
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    I think it would be make money online, weight loss, relationship, finance related and gaming in no particular order. It may be easier to make money from low competition niches and there are tons of them out there.
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      Top 3 evergreen markets are Health, Wealth and Lifestyle.

      If we go deeper to each market's niches, we can find:

      Running, Diet, Yoga, Weight loss, Martial Arts, Pilates, Diabetes, Wellness, etc. for Health

      Making money online, Home business IM, List building, Affiliate Marketing, etc. for Wealth


      Dating, Relationship, Gardening, Puppies, etc. for Lifestyle.

      If I just have to rank them according to their GMS, I'll have these 5.

      1. Running
      2. Dating (same with Yoga)
      3. Diabetes
      4. Weight loss
      5. Martial Arts

      Of course there are other keywords that have higher GMS than these 5. These are just top of mind, thus, many other hot niches may have been left out.

      Making money online per se has lower searches compared to some of the keywords above. Ironically, money is made in these other niches through the terms that IM coined (affiliate marketing, list building, traffic, etc.).

      I just didn't include the adult stuffs, but they're huge.


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    Yeah I would say anything in the health, wealth, or relationships categories are hot-sellers. There are so many different sub-niches though but as a general rule of thumb these are the hottest categories.
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    after being in some very popular niches, and not so well known niches.

    The niches that have always done well for us, are :-

    1) HEalth - diet suppliments

    2) Wealth - wealth creation, forex, stockmarket.

    4) Wellness - natural remedies, despression

    5) Relationships (this is our big one, and our niche that has rewareded us handsomely)
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    Anything related to realtionship problems seems to be hitting it big lately. Also anything related to how to make money of course. I think some people pefer medium sized niches like gaming though.
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    So in other words what you need to strongly consider is those 5 markets are gonna be way way way overly competitive to the point where it's really not worth doing. I'd focus on finding one niche were you have little to no competition. It could be the goofiest thing too but if you have no competition and there's enough search activity for it, you actually have an opportunity make a mint. It's a license to print money if you do it right. The alternative to that is creating a new market that no one has thought up yet. Like with some of the new sites like pinterest, twitter, reddit,, and on and on. But ya I'm not sure, that top 5 or top 10 scares me, just too much competition. It reminds me of the mall that opened near my place. When it first opened shockinly there was like 10 shoe stores in the mall. And it was a small mall. (like 10 FREAKING SHOE STORES!) I was thinking, this is weird! Now yrs later it's actually down to just 1! And it's the biggest and most discounted.
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    In general, I can list these:

    1. IM/MMO/work from home
    2. health/weight loss/wellness
    3. relationships/dating
    4. learning to play a musical instrument
    5. (not sure…??)

    Besides #1, not sure of the exact order.

    These are all categories, with many niches falling under them.

    The above 4 (and maybe 5) deal with self improvement in one way or another…

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