Gmail with Hosted Domain with Gmail, Anyone?

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Hi Warriors,

It is true that most of the IMers are using Gmail,
and they are kinda addicted to it.

But being owners of own domains, and selling pro services to
offline world, we really need to stick with our old gold email
addresses like instead of

I am sure most of you already know that you can signup,
with google as partner (free account), and use Gmail server
with your own domains....

i.e. you keep email addresses
and you use great service, server, and interface of GMAIL!

I would like to listen some tips/suggestion from you if you are
using this already....

And if you are not using this service i will suggest you go
to this page and learn more about it, you will be glad to
know that what google is offering to domain owners free of cost..
Google Apps ? Smart business apps for email, documents, sites and more

1. It is very simple to make it work for you,
simply sign up at above page for free a/c.

2. Then add and verify your domain name.
Add the same email accounts in gmail which
you have already setup in your domain/host

3. Go to your hosting panel , and change the MX Entry for
the mail server to shift all emails traffic to GMAIL server...

that is it!

Wish you best,
Mohsin Rasool
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    Yeah ive used gmail for my own domain for a while, it's great.
    • Profile picture of the author Ephrils
      I just turn it off. The first time I saw it I thought Google was trying to get into my sites too. Google, taking over the internet one mailbox at a time B)
  • Profile picture of the author WinsonYeung
    Lol, i use gmail only for spam account.
    Use that to opt-in other products, don want so much spam with my main account
    But i prefer Ymail, look cool

    And hotmail is my last option, because lots od delay and error.
    • Profile picture of the author jonparker83
      I prefer to do what Heather does above, I forward all mail back to my gmail account - so mails from my domains look professional still and I can use the "send reply from" when I reply to an email in my gmail account. The main reason I like it is because I don't want to go all over the place checking different email, easier to have it all redirected into one account then use filters as Heather says.
      Just a head's up when using this technique...

      When using "send reply from" some email clients (like MS Outlook I belive) will actually display something different at the top of the email like the following:

      From: "" on behalf of ""

      Personally, I think this can actually look *less* professional

      It's up to you of course, but thought some people might like to know



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