What is "cookie stuffing?"

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I'm having a hard time understanding what "cookie stuffing" is.

Can anyone give me and A-B-C explanation of this practice?

I did a Google search but, I'm still a little confused.

Thank You!
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    This is when you unwittingly visit a website that you don't intend to via another person's affiliate code. This usually happens when you visit a website and they open the other website in the background.

    If you then buy something from that site - they get credited with commission from the affiliate.
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      Just re-read my post and thought it could do with some clarification...

      Lets say that you visit a forum for ebay fanatics. The owner of this forum could be opening an ebay page in the background using his affiliate link.

      The cookie that ebay stores to detect if commission should be paid on any purchases is stored for seven days on your computer.

      If within that seven days you, or anyone else who visited that site buys something from ebay, then the forum owner would get the commission on it.

      Hope that made more sense with the example!!



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