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want to be included in a Ebook I am creating.

I am including user profiles with a brief description of your main site or one you use as homepage on twitter and your twitter username.

This will be a brandable ebook. you will get a copy when it is done along with the ability to brand it.

example of what I am including:

Your website
A brief description of your site/services


If you are are interested just reply to this thread and feel free to ask any questions.


p.s. be sure to add what type of category your site is in example; service, writing, programming, etc.
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    Ok, great
    I interested

    website : Winson Yeung's Blog

    This website is a blog of winsonyeung. Not only he will blog on this Internet Marketing Jorney, it also include lot of interent marketing knowledge. You can find Tips on internet marketing, internet marketing knowledge and interneting offer. This internet marketing blog will be able to give provide lots of information on internet marketing to it's visitor. The blog is updated reguarally around 1 post per day

    Username :WinsonYeung

    Let me know if I'm selected
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    Thank you for sharing this opportunity, Jeremy!

    Website = Shop The World - Save Money, Unique Native Products, Worldwide

    A brief description of your site/services:

    I-ShopTheWorld.com - Save Money on Unique Native Products Direct to You from All over the World!

    twitterusername =IShopTheWorld

    Thank you for sharing this opportunity, Jeremy, and Have a Great Day!

    - Michael
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    Hi Jeremy,

    I dont have a website on twitter, but iam there for social networking and getting ideas and getting to know what others are up to.

    I am on twitter since 3 months, and i have 150 followers for just 470 tweets, i know it's nothing big to brag about.

    I am looking forward to a new advertising service that connects advertisers with twitters called the tweetad.com

    During my time tweeting, i have had, great conversations with verterans like Jeremy Palmer, Vinny Lingham, Chris knight and so on. Twitter is such a good place to network and connect with experts who are hardly reachable otherwise.

    Please feel free, to interview me on more information about twitter and non monetary benefits that you can get out of twitter by which you can increase your monetary potential.

    So, this is my twitter id : Twitter / eshwarj


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