Niche Membership Sites: Why Would Anyone Pay for This Stuff?

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I've been thinking of starting a membership site. And, since I've done the ghostwriting thing for a while now, a PLR Membership Site seemed like a natural. But there are so many of these sites out there, some of them offering way more stuff than I'd be able to for the same price.

So I then thought about doing a membership site in a niche outside of IM. The book I read (which was highly recommended) pretty much suggested writing some articles on a topic and having subscribers pay to read them. And that's where I hit a brick wall.

I can see people paying for an ebook where the information they want is all neatly laid out for them. But paying every month to read some articles? I don't know.

So I guess my question is how successful membership sites like this really are.
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    You have to think of your subsrcibers being more than just the end users of the articles. A number of people who subscribe to PLR article sites do so because they can get good articles in their chosen niche which they will then re-write and post online to get traffic back to their own sites. So PLR articles can be thought of as a middle-man service as well.

    Suggestion: Depending on the niche, you can lay out the articles in a sequence, so for example you can write a 5-parter article then at the end of it, compile all 5 into one report and give it to your subscribers as a PDF file. This will greatly increase the perceived value of the membership site as it also gives its members 'reports' along with the articles.

    ~ Sirius
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      this will depend on how good the content your offering is & if its worth paying that recurring membership fee & yes some people do pay this & you have to promote too .
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      Champ, go with your gut. Download open office .org and then create a PDF... that's what I would do anyway.

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