Who is Using Craigslist to Promote ClickBank Aff. Products?

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I want to go into promoting clickbank products through craigslist by outsourcing ad placements. 100 a day at $.065.
Who knows what clickbank products work well with CL and which are a waste in the drain?
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    I would say the Make Money Online market is best.
    Make a screen-shot of the site and place the ad in the "sales jobs" section.
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    Split your testing.

    Besides craigs also try some other sites like usfreeads to put ads in diff niches and check the results after 2 weeks. As everyone is after craigs, find other sites with less competition and you can make some good money there.
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    Well, you should know that digital and affiliate products are against their TOS.

    Of course you can risk it and certain cities you can get by without getting flagged.

    However, in general I think craiglist is the worst place to market affiliate products, the user community is absurdly flag happy.
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    I would recommend CL as well as Make Money Online. Both are really good and above all FREE! And 1 more advice, try to split your testing.
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    My friend still using craigslist with CB products and he is doing very well.

    Yes split test is great to see which method work's perfectly.

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    Craigslist is the best place to sell dreams to people who are down on their luck. Heck offer them a job, but make sure they sign up to one of your CPA offers first, then don't return their emails. There is nothing wrong with kicking them while they're down. :rolleyes:
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    When you promote stuff on Craigslist it should be something that really works and can be useful to this people. Im not an expert but i learn it is better to use a landing in form of an application. I dont just promote and sell, i find a way to make sure this people take action and actually making some cash.
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    I ran a couple of help wanted ads and captured emails with a squeeze page job application. I was getting higher open rates on daily auto-responder messages than I get on lists I built at safe-swaps.
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    I need a little guidance. I am currently promoting Clickbank products on Direct CPV via a URL scraper to target sales. SUPPOSEDLY, according to the "GURU" who taught me this, all of the URL's I harvest will show my ad when clicked. I selected my Clickbank promotion, copied the promotion http:// code from Clickbank and posted it in the designated URL target on Direct CPV. I then within Direct CPV, funded my account, (probably a big mistake) then targeted all the URL's harvested and launched my campaign. After seeing almost 2,000 hits and no sales in 6 hours, I became concerned. I paused my campaigns, then went to almost 30 of the URL's I had targeted. I pasted the URL's in my browser, clicked on them and the site came up but my ad is no where to be seen. Did I miss a step in connecting my Clickbank campaign to Direct CPV or is Direct CPV a ripoff?
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    I just need to make sure if CL works with YouTube and CB link in description without flag risk. Any advice? Which category is the best for money making products on CL?

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