Zaxaa - New Paypal Instant Commission Platform

by Jesus Perez 70 replies
WarriorPlus and JVZoo have been taking a lot of heat lately for emailing product owner's buyers. They have optout mechanisms in place, but there are owners that don't even want those mechanisms to exist in the first place.

It looks like someone was listening.

Zaxaa is a new payment processing platform that promises to never mail any of your customers. It's also free (for a limited time) and offers Instant Paypal Commissions like the others.

The guy behind it is Welly Mulia from ProfitsTheme.

If you've been looking for a new platform to hang your hat, take a look.

I have zero affiliation. I'm simply providing some alternate solutions for the weary.
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  • Profile picture of the author anwar001
    So, there is a new competitor in town. That's good. As for affiliates like me, there is a new marketplace for finding more products and promoting them.

    Thanks for sharing this new resource.
  • Profile picture of the author BIG Mike
    As the risk of sounding self-promotional, our Digibilly Instant Payment Gateway system does not email merchant's customers or act as an affiliate either. Never has and never will - just saying...
  • Profile picture of the author rich8169
    Thanks for sharing perez, competition is always good for bringing up better and improved services.

    Will sure to check it out!

  • Profile picture of the author curly sue
    Thank God it was about time some one came up with this. Am sure alot of warriors are going on board, I will give it a try for my next wso.
  • Profile picture of the author WillR
    Competition like this is certainly good for the marketplace.

    I'm not saying those other networks are doing anything wrong by emailing their customers new offers but it certainly makes it much less competitive when your list is not going to be sent out daily offers from the very platform you sell your product through.

    Good to see others listening to marketplace concerns and creating new options to address those concerns.
  • Profile picture of the author bluelotus
    Zaxaa is a new affiliate network, it is still in beta version. I have a product that is in the marketplace zaxaa, and already sold with one sales.

    Indeed zaxaa marketplace is still not so much the product being sold.
    The features I love about my zaxaa is able to integrate with affiliate networks such as Digiresult and PayDotCom. It can integrated with Clickbank but I don't try it yet

    Zaxxa can also integrate with JVZoo yet it still fails when I try it. I only integrated it with Digiresult and PayDotCom. So we can have one landing page with a variety of affiliate networks.
  • Profile picture of the author PerformanceMan
    Zaxaa? Wow, you don't hear names like that very often
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    • Profile picture of the author WillR
      Originally Posted by PerformanceMan View Post

      Zaxaa? Wow, you don't hear names like that very often
      It sounds like a sexual enhancement drug (not that I would know...)
  • Profile picture of the author himanshumehta
  • Profile picture of the author himanshumehta
    hey does it integrate with WSO
  • Profile picture of the author twister85
    Thanks For the great site. When I took a look at their homepage, I Knew this is going to be big!, i mean they are so curious and excited about their business that they are giving away a valuable membership for no cost.this is MUST because as in the world of competition they have to do something more to promote their site fast.

    Kill Aweber, Never pay monthly for an autoresponder again. Once and for all, with all the features you want. PM me to take a look and to know more.

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