Critique My New Graphics Website.

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Hello Warriors.

I've just put my new graphics site online @

If you have time, take a look and let me know what you think. Both looks and copy wise.

I havn't proof read the copy myself yet, just bashed it in, but it's probably best you make your suggestions before I make my revisions.

P.S - I know the Portfolio is small atm, I havn't done any sites for other marketers as yet, but this is something I will be building up as the work comes in.

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    Hi Nick,

    welcome to the clan. I'm not a copywriter, so I'm not qualified to comment on that - however, the salespage does seem to be a tad short.

    The design itself, for the most part is great - I love the branding you've used, the "warrior" is a good way to get instant recognition.

    A couple of small points, i'm not being overly critical - just want to cast another designer's eye on it for you:

    The gradient blending mode you've used on the blue... please change it, those two colours really don't blend well. If I were to suggest anything, try a black white gradient using "multiply" mode.

    The screws on GFX WARRIOR, don't really fit in with the "theme" - have you considered "feathered arrows" piercing the word, it might be a nice touch.

    The shadow under GFX WARRIOR, in my opinion has too much of a spread - and I would expect the light to come from the top left (but that's just my preference)

    Lastly, for the theme you're going with, It might be worth trying some wild-west colours, earthy browns etc.

    Kindest regards,
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    Hi Nick

    I'm neither a copywriter or a designer so take from this what you will!

    I like the chief idea and the image, together with the layout, but like
    Karl, I'm not keen on the turquoisey scheme. It may suit a more earthy scheme but the pale blue just says cheap to me.

    The card image in front of the product shot looks a bit weird. I think you need to mess with the perspective of that - but having said that, what is it anyway, do you need it?

    I think it's best to stuff your headline with USP / benefits. Yours is a broad, kinda hypey statement. The image may grab but the copy doesn't. You mention a couple of times that you guarantee a 48 hour turnaround - you're not making the most of this.

    There's quite a few typos in the copy but I'm sure they'll get sorted. Overall the copy does need work but the thing that'll improve the page most is some quality testimonials as soon as you can. That way you'll be able to back up any statements you make.

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      Thanks folks.

      Didn't expect such good feedback.

      Karl - Some good ideas regarding feathered arrows etc. I will certainly try to work those in.

      I'll be honest i am a sucker for light blue / aqua so I might not change this, but i will certainly try some other variations because I certainly see where you are coming from that browns etc would fit the theme better.

      Peter - Glad you noticed the perspective issue on the main image, i will try to sort that out and maybe do away with the card as suggested. I will certainly make the 48 hour turnaround a bit more obvious as suggested.

      Got a few other things to do at the moment, but i will check through all of the feedback and make some changes based on them over the weekend ready for official launch on Monday.

      Thanks again.

      Any more feedback is welcomed too.

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