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Hey warriors, So I've been in the process of creating a CB/WSO product and I was thinking about doing a little creative spin on the launch. This is what I was thinking: Product in MMO market

1- Offer customer free E-book (capture email)
2- Starting Price $97 offered at clickbank
3- $10 off coupon for people who leave sales page
4- Follow up email 5/6 offering sale price for $47 via WF wso

This promotes the same product over and gives the potential customer incentive to purchase the product at different pricing points.

The affiliate's in these cases will be able to always be able to place their link to get commissions credit, so I feel like it would be a good sales funnel. As affiliate marketer's would you consider promoting a payout plan like this? Why/or why not
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    Of course I may have misunderstood but this doesn't sound like a funnel to me- more multi pricing.

    Personally I would have great difficulty recommending a $97 product to my list which they could buy for $47 elsewhere.
    I don't care much either for these $10 off coupons when they leave the sales page. If its a really great product that I think my subscribers would benefit from I would tell them to leave the sales page and get the coupon before they buy.That said if I knew they could buy for $47 elsewhere I wouldn't be sending them to the $97 sales page in the first place.

    I'm also interested in what others here think about this.

    Hope this helps. I'm sure someone else will chip in with their own understanding of a funnel but in my view it has to have more than one product/service.
    Good luck and all the best,

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    I got an email the other day from a very successful internet marketer by the name of Terry Dean and here's what he says about this. He talks about how to offer them a trial basis membership and earn more money.

    Here's a quote from his article that I think will be useful to you:

    If you offer digital products, go with a shorter trial period.

    You could run a trial at $1 to $10 with the full payment in 7 to 14 days.

    The big problem with a digital trial is people who forget what they ordered.

    With a physical product, it's sitting there staring them in the face...and they still forget they ordered it at times.

    With a digital product, it's even easier to forget. That's why shorter periods have been more successful in the past tests I've done for digital trials.

    No matter whether it's a digital or physical trial, you will still have some people who don't understand why they've been charged.

    Make sure your customer service team is prepared for this and available to refund those who return the physical product or cancel the digital charges right before the deadline.

    Never underestimate the power of changing your offer.

    All it takes is one change like the "free trial" to experience the breakthrough you're looking for in your business.
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    You have not said anything about earnings per click, % of commission or something like that. I suggest you to give 75% commission to your affilites in every offer.
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    Thanks for the feedback so far to gives some updates:

    The product is not finished (not even close lol) so no CTR or anything like that.
    I was planning on doing 75% commissions.

    I get what everyone is saying about the coupon, which I have no problem using the coupon to sell at a lower price if it makes the customer seem like they are getting a better deal and the "affiliate" told them they could take adv of a discount to seem more credible... or at least that's what I was thinking in my head. Would it be better just to get rid of it?

    Background about myself, I have done really well in building blogs and promoting Amazon, CB, and CPA offers and was going to do a really in-depth analysis of how I build my sites. I never tried the MMO niche because when I first started I bought every offer under the sun and well they all sucked in my opinion, so now that I found a great process I wanted to share it. I don't have a fancy One click fake sw, I was simply going to screen record and explain my exact process. This way the customer doesn't get just a tip, but rather the full picture. I think we can all agree there is a ton of money to be made online, and there are some people out there who could use a break from all the crappy mmo products.

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      The follow-up email offering a lower price in a WSO sounds like a bad idea. Buyers through your sales page likely will hear about it since product is in mmo niche. This will likely increase refund rate and chargeback rate and give you horrible stats based on the new star rating CB has instituted for vendors
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    Just a thought-
    What about a One Time Offer at $47 which really is a genuine OTO -normal selling price $97 on clickbank.
    Perhaps using a $7 report at the front end might work with something like JVZoo / WSO with the OTO at $47. You can tell the visitor that this genuinely sells for $97 on CB but one time only $47.
    Maybe needs some thinking through ????

    All the best,

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