Welcome Ladies To The Warriors

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I have been noticing more and more ladies appearing on the forum and just want to say welcome.

Its good to get some ideas from a woman's perspective.

Yes I know we have had ladies on here for a while but there just seems to be more now. Names I haven't seen before and I have been here 8 years or more.

Anyhow welcome.

#internet marketing #ladies #warriors
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    Yes, there are many ladies making a killing in this industry such as Rosalind Gardner and Tiffany Dow. Ladies, welcome.
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      Yeah, and there are probably 200 times as many not quite making the killing that those two are!! Okay, it might just be me, but I always find good content in this forum (for the most part) and I truly enjoy reading it. I don't contribute a lot because I've yet to get some success under my belt. Maybe someday I'll even have an icon and a better chance to contribute.

      Thanks to all who do give out their best thoughts. It is a priceless resource!

      Sarah A

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