Profile Views Vs. Url Clicks in EZA

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Hey Warriors,

Just wondering if people usually see more views of their profile than URL clicks. I've consistly noticed a 2:1 ratio of profile views to URL clicks.

I might be temporarily dense but I am curious about this. Do you see the same thing? If so, how do you capitalize on this? It seems like a great chance to build your brand since I have to think they are seeing "who is insert name."

Any thoughts? Thanks in Advance,

Brad Spencer
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    That's interesting. I went to check my own stats and I find I have an average of 40 times more url clicks than profile views. Maybe it's your niche? Some of my niches get alot more profile views than others though.
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      There's potential in that. I can see why people would look there more often then url clicks for my niche.

      Is your niche and the articles you write geared toward buyers or building a list?


      Brad Spencer

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