Sued by PS?

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I'm in the computer games niche and one of my sites is tstarting to get some real traffic.

The site in question has PS3 (play station 3) in the URL, can I get in trouble for this?

Of course I understand not to take legal advice on a forum but I was wondering what your views on this is as I'm not actually stating "SONY PLAY STATION" in the URL, only PS3.

I know of Xbox niche sites that have operated successfully for years but I'd be a fool to expect the same for me right.

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    Hi Louis,

    I don't see exactly why you will get in trouble for it. Sites like PSPblender have been around for a while and it's using the PSP words exactly. And for PS3? I did a search and there are already sites named PS3Mob, PS3Korea, PS3News... so I don't think you'll get in big trouble for it.

    Of course, make sure you have a disclaimer and privacy for your page. It'll save your butt from being barbequed. Do more research though!

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      I used to own a PSP forum and I never had any problems from Sony. But each case is different. I recently received a C&D letter concerning another domain that contained a trademarked keyword and I had to pull it down.

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    I don't think it even has to be trademarked, they can still sue you. But are they gonna do it? I think not.
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      Originally Posted by Napa View Post

      I don't think it even has to be trademarked, they can still sue you. But are they gonna do it? I think not.
      I have a knack for dominating niches so they may get jealous
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      If your site makes them more money, why not? But if it's an affiliate kind of site, it may be a problem.

      That said, PSPblender's a affiliate site as well but it's been up there for ages and yet, still hasn't been hounded down. The word's PSP are clearly embedded in it.

      You could go ahead and give it a shot, Louis. The worst case scenario is that you have to purchase a new URL and possibly redirect all your current visitors to the new one - which will definitely cause a loss in your visitors.

      But if it goes through - you've got a possible gold mine!

      Just remember you MUST have the disclaimer and privacy links - but I'm sure you already know that. Since you've been dominating niches and all!


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