New Site- Need your advice

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Hey Warriors:
I just finished one of my first "pillar" articles on my new site and I'd love to get your thoughts and critiques:

15 Must Have Tools for Smarter Travel

I plan to monetize with AdSense, and maybe introduce CPA through experiments to see how well it converts as I build traffic. Have you been successful mixing AdSense and CPA?

Also, let me know if you like the look and feel. It's tough to view with an impartial eye after starting at it for hours

Thanks in advance!
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    I am not an expert at ad sense etc., but having seen a lot of sites that have Adsense as their money generation traick, I can say this... As far as design is concerned, there seems to be no problem at all...

    But remember, content is the key to success. Fresh, quality original content that is regularly updated can give you a lot of traffic.

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