Does Anyone Use Article Submission Services Anymore?

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It seems like the links from article submission services are being heavily discounted. Will a SE dock you for too many links in too little of a time?
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    I still use them, if used correctly they can still be very valuable.

    Keep this in mind. Just because you mass submit an article today, does not mean you are getting all of the links today.

    Usually what I see is a rush of 20 or so links immediately and then 5 - 7 links showing up over the next month or so per article.

    What you want to make sure of is not to spam your articles out there. What I like to do is to write 4 articles right away and then schedule them to be submitted one a week. This way, I always have a small amount of links being counted every day.

    I have not had much success attacking ultra competitive keyword phrases, but the ones that are in the mildly competitive fields have worked great for me.
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      I think the key lies in consistency in writing your article and submitting them.

      You can do a log of when are the days you will be submitting to which directory.

      There are many article directories but there is no need to submit to all of them. Just use the top 5 with EZA as one of them.


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