How Do Your Promote Your Own Clickbank HoplinK?

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I have just created my first clickbank product and was wondering what do I need to do to promote my hoplink? I mean, what do I change in the hoplink to promote it? Do I not put a affiliate id at all in it?

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    just send them to your domain name your sales will be tracked and and you account will be credited with the full sale minus - clickbank fee

    hope this help
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    My understanding is that if someone goes directly to your sales page without going thru an affiliate, then when they get to the payment page the affiliate notation at the bottom simply says "none" and then you get the whole sale, minus fees. But it is always a good idea to sign up yourself as an affiliate and then promote the product. It will help with raising your gravity. Lots of the big dogs, promote their products under several affiliate links that they created. Clickbank see's sales being made by multiple affiliates and then your gravity goes up. Giving you better ranking in the market place. It also helps with recruiting other affiliates because it looks as if it's a hot product.

    Best of Luck!
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      does clickbank allow you to create mutilple accounts just to promote your product? Also is it perfectly legit to promote my own product to increase my gravity? Thanks

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