I have a World Class Pianist, and I need your opinion. Prize given.

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Hi Warriors, I am bartering your top class knowledge
with some of my top class products.

This is my situation, I have had success in a few
different niches, health, dating, martial arts etc...

Some of which are products created by myself
with intimate knowledge in the niche, some are
PLR with heavy editing.

Anyhow, I find it extremely time consuming working
this way, if I only manage one niche, that's fine, but
if I was to dominate various niches, then I should change
my way, instead of me managing the product and
content creation, I will find an expert in that niche.

And I had recently met a World Class pianist
who has absolutely no knowledge in marketing.

I was amazed at how hard even it is for him
to just find new students for such a low amount
(almost pathetic amount) of 1 on 1 tuition fee.

With someone of his level, he could've easily
charged 10 times the money PLUS not having
enough time to fit in all students for his teaching

So as a previous offline marketer (now online),
I know how to promote his piano on the internet.

It's obvious, I will be the one doing all the
work, he only does one thing, that's "product
creation" (he doesn't know this at this stage,
and I will also have to teach him how to create
consumable information products, at least for
the initial phrase.).

So here's my question, I am not going into
partnership with him, as I will be the one
investing in everything.

Things like: Domain name, web hosting,
web site design, product graphic design,
hiring of staff to manage the site, software
programmer for all necessary software to
promote the piano course.

As well as devising the entire marketing

You get the picture. We are not getting
into a partnership, rather, I am hiring
him to create a top-notch piano product
that I will be promoting for my company.

This is the first time I ever encountered
something like this, and there are many
stuffs (as in the "money-sharing" issues)
I am not quite sure how to go about.

My main issue is: Should I hire him and
mention up-front that I want him to
create a piano product that my company
owns 100% copyright to?

Or should I pay him nothing up-front
and share the revenue by X% from
generated sales of the product?

My gut instinct tells me I should choose
the second option, instead of paying
him one off to create the product, I
should let him share X% of my revenue.

This is, though, obvious, not beneficial
for myself, because once the product
is done, he will have very little work (or none)
to do, he can still keep on his 1 on 1
teaching with his students, at the same
time gain the fame by mentioning his
product is being sold on the net, thus
potentially able to ask for a higher
tuition fee from his students. Plus,
I will be the one that have to keep
managing the business. Although lots of
automation will be induced, but still.

But I also thought that if I only pay
him a one-off fee, he might have
a financial crisis later on, and I would
feel sorry for him.

Does anyone have previous knowledge
in this? Which route would you recommend
me to go?

Oh, by the way, it may interest you guys
to know that, I met his guy from another
country, so I won't be targeting the English
speaking world, as he doesn't speak English
and it's not humanly feasible to make him
speak in the video in English (It will be a
multi-media DVD course, as this is the effective
way to teach piano, versus just plain
written text). So this will be marketed in
his home country.

And, oh yeh, the prize.

I currently have a few top-notch internet
marketing products.

If you provide me with some top-notch advise,
I will reward you with any of the (or all of the)
products below of your choice, all of them
are products that I am proud of selling:

Guaranteed Traffic System ($47)
The Ultimate Internet Entrepreneur ($67)
Back-end Marketing Secrets ($37)
Info-Product Creation Exposed ($27)
Internet Copy Writing ($67)

If my products don't interest you, I am
sorry, but I would still hope you can
share your wisdom with me, and hopefully
we will be able to work something out
in the long-term future to compensate

Kind Regards,

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    A few thoughts on this are that as a business owner you should definitely hire him under a "work for hire" agreement in which he is paid to perform a specific duty (create a product).

    It's the same as if you were to hire someone to write an article for you, they don't get royalties, or recurring income from that, you hire them for a one time gig, under a work for hire, and you own the copyright.

    Now, if he's at all savvy, he'll realize that most people that make money as artists license their work. That's better for him, not so much for you.. but if it's good enough work, it could be beneficial to pursue.

    there are plenty of people using Mickey Mouse, and they're paying royalties to Disney every time they do... but it's worth it, because it sells.

    As far as advice to you though, I would say that you should try for a "work for hire" agreement. Present him with a contract that specifically states copyright ownership and other terms and conditions and reach a one time fee..
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      Hiring him sounds like a better option to me.

      You will be happy because:

      1. You'll have 100% control over the product as opposed to a partnership of any type.

      2. You'll know your costs up front.

      3. You'll avoid any dispute in the future over ownership of the product.

      4. You're marketing savvy will have precedent over his technical savvy in product decision making.

      He'll be happy because:

      1. He will get paid for his work up front as opposed to waiting.

      2. His pay will not be contingent upon your success at marketing the product.

      3. The product should help him build his teaching business.

      Besides, if you pay him up front and later, down the line, the product becomes extremely successful you can always pay him more for future products he produces. Or, you could always pay him a bonus later on out of the profit from your product sales.

      Lots of ways to structure a win-win but I would definitely prefer to have control over everything.

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