Your WSO's are being stolen

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Hi Warriors,

I hope this is a wake up call for you. First, let me say plain as day...


I'm not even going to offer a solution - paid or otherwise. I don't even want to go into detail about what I've found out but...

Today, while invesitgaing a problem on a site I stumbled across a way to steal several WSO's. Many of you who know me, know I'd never, EVER download your product. It's simply not my nature.

But if I can find this so can someone else - especially if they are looking for it.

Now here's my problem. If I tell you how I did it, then someone else will come along and steal your WSO.

I have notified a couple of warriors I found but this is time consuming.

There are tons of ways to protect your products. If you think you're safe, think again.

But my question now is... how what do I do now? Just forget it?

God bless,

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  • Profile picture of the author Frank Ayres
    As someone who currently has a WSO running i would like to know this information so i can protect myself.

    I understand your dilemma though
    • Profile picture of the author dbh
      I guess I don't quite understand - do they somehow get the download links illegally?

      - Darrell
    • Profile picture of the author EndGame
      Could a service like E-junkie protect our products?
    • Profile picture of the author Frank Bruno
      Well first I have to say good "looking out"....

      But second, it's really not your job to go around notifying merchants that their products might be getting ripped off.

      It's their job as a merchant to protect their own products and services. This has been going on for years and years.

      I see it all the time and I will continue to see it all the time.

      You have good intentions, and this is not about bashing on your intentions but we can't always save the world.

      Frank Bruno

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