Again, my WSO is on Google, now a PayPal complaint.

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I had a WSO that expired 2-months ago. I removed the download page because I’ve had those circulate on the search engines. Now 2-months later I get a dispute from PayPal from a non-warrior that he could not download after paying yesterday.

I’ve ironed it out with the purchaser but I would like to know if any other Warriors have had this problem?

From now on, I’ll remove the WSO page as well as the download link.

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    Couldn't you just remove the payment link? If they can't pay ("this offer is now closed"), they can't download or complain.

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    You should really take down the sales page as well. That way people can't get to the payment processor in the first place.
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      To be honest, if I buy something and you take my money and I don´t get the product ...
      I would also complain.

      Just remove the payment link, easy as that. And give this customer the product he purchased!

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