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I had NO idea what to expect from the Warriors I've been able to interview so far - Michelle Greene, Doug Champigny, Chris Freville, Tina Rideout, David O'Sullivan and Cam Forbes, but, I can tell you this...the business models, tips and tools being offered is awesome!

If you know someone who is new to this business, (Cam prefers to refer to them as "entrepreneurs" and not "Newbies"), then get them to listen in. The live interviews are free.

Seriously, "Tab A into Slot B" stuff.

I honestly believe if anyone starting out has access to this information, they'll be successful and better IM's.

Which is better for all of us.

Thanks again to those listed above and to those who are yet to come!
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    Thanks Louie!

    Great post!!!

    That was a fun conversation too... I really enjoyed it.

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      Shouldn't you tell people where to get the stuff?? I mean, after all, it's free right?

      Oh whatever, I'll do it... go to 8 Weeks Away.

      It's like the WF version of the 30 day challenge, or something like that. I think.


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