Can this be done with mailchimp?

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I want people to hit my homepage they would see one field asking for email

After hitting join they get taken to a second page ( important part )

here they can choose between 16 options ( they can pick one or all of them )

depending on what they select out of those 16 options.

When I mail them I would send them information ONLY on their selection

1. can that be done?
2. Does it require having 16 lists? ( I hope not as i want to include everyone no matter what they selected within ONE MAILING each day ) and not have to bombard them with 10 emails if they selected 10 things.

I will send one email a day out and inside that email it will display multiple options based on their selection
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    I think the functionality on mailchimp doesn't allow this. You would need to use a more advanced autoresponding service.

    Mailchimp is pretty much just a newsletter service. I know there's a TON of cool stuff you can do with it, but it's still much simpler than aweber and the likes.
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    I don't believe that can be done with mailchimp if I'm not mistaken. I'm sure aweber and getresponse can allow you to do things such as that.
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    Sounds like a custom coding job to me and yes, I'd say
    you would have to set up 16 lists. The script could
    add the user to the relevant list AND to a master list.

    That's just off the top of my head... there may be an
    easier, more logical, way to do it, but I'd have to give
    it some thought

    Take care


    PS: You might also need to go with a self hosted just to
    make sure the use of a custom script doesn't violate anybodies
    'terms of service'... Which is another reason I don't use the likes
    of Aweber or Get Response et al
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    No i think it's called grouping.
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    MailChimp has something called a "Group Checkbox Field" which you can place on your signup form to allow potential subscribers to check off what subjects they'd like more information on. When they check a box in this group field, they'll be added to that group within your list. :-)

    If you only want to get the email address at signup and give them the option to pick some groups later, you might want to check out this blog article here where a guy gives a hack on how to do this!

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