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Newbie here...I want to know. The product listed as New products on new are these products? Is there a way to tell?
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    yep, go to this link and enter the vendor id
    ClickBank Analytics, ClickBank Products Performance Trends Tracking

    You will see a field called 'Tracking Start Date', that will tell you what you want to know.

    You can get the vendor id by searching for the product in the marketplace. Move the mouse over the product link and you'll see it.

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      I am frustrated. :confused: I am trying to get information on a product and I don't understand how to find the Vendor ID. I have read the previous post that states how to get the Vendor ID but I am still confused. Can someone give me an example of a Vendor ID on Clickbank? Is it the web address that shows up on the bottom of my web browser when I put the arrow over the product I am interested in researching? Thank you for all of your help!
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    kevin, you can also go to Clickbank Analytics.

    They have new products grouped according to their release month.

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