How to Get More Reviews on Kindle?

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Just wondering if there is any way to get buyers to leave legitimate reviews for Kindle?
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    It's actually very difficult to get buyers to leave a review for Kindle books. Amazon often prompts buyers of your ebook to leave a review via email, but the purchase to review ratio is often very low (usually, less than 5% of all people who buy a Kindle book leave a review, based on my personal observation).

    However, there are some Kindle book clubs where authors can get reviews from each other. One such example is the WarriorForum's own Warrior Book Club. You can join it here:

    Handing out advance review copies is a great way to get a jump-start on your book's reviews.

    Additionally, you can approach people who have reviewed other Kindle books and offer them a free copy of your book in exchange for a review.

    Hope that helps.
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    Amazon maintains a list of their top reviewers, you MAY be able to find someone there who will review your book.

    Amazon's Top Customer Reviewers

    Keep in mind that some of these people have been inundated with review requests or may only review books in specific genres.

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    Make sure to ASK for reviews. Many authors skip that step because it's so simple but it definitely helps.
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    Tough to get reviews indeed. There's a certain book that's been purchased thousands of times since December 2012, and I've only managed to receive about 10 reviews or so. Granted, all these are definitely appreciated, but the purchase-to-review ratio is still outrageous, lol.

    1. Ask for feedback somewhere within the book, such as the end/back.
    2. Make it easy on the reader and provide a hyperlink to the book's sales page.
    3. If you can, build an author blog and offer several free books as a nice incentive. This also gives you the chance to build a loyal mailing list.
    4. Don't be afraid to contact readers and give them a free copy. For example, look into Amazon's Top Reviewers list and reach a few of them. Instead of contacting the very top reviewers, contact the ones at the very bottom -- those are the ones hungry to reach the top and may accept your plea/request more easily.
    5. Join some author/reader communities and start building good old relationships.

    The first 3 tips above have helped me veeeeeery very slowly, but surely. So be patient and you will see those legit reviews over time.
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    I always link back to the sales thread inside of the book, and I specifically ask the reader to leave a review if they enjoyed the book.

    Most people don't bother leaving a review, unless you make it easy for them to get back to your sales page to do so.
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    You can get more exposure for your Kindle books by listing your free days at this Warrior forum thread and hopefully that will bring you more reviews from fellow Warriors.
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    Have a call to action at the end of your book to leave an honest review to help you out. After consuming your content the person will most likely feel like they owe it to you to post a positive review, especially if you ask them.
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    Yeah in the end, users can still visit my blog and grab those free books without leaving a review for the one they just purchased (and thats what most of them do). But i can see where you're coming from...hence the whole "gray area" thing. I MAY have to ask Amazon directly about my tactic, and hopefully i won't get some generic, copy/paste answer from their FAQ.
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    buy them at fiverr , ... just kidding,

    It might a good idea to go to this section, ask for review on your kindle book :

    Warriors For Hire
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    If you have a list, make sure to let them know when you book is available for free download and ask them to kindly leave you a review.

    Steve Scott has been doing this and his kindle books have really high numbers of comments.
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    Do not pay for reviews. Do not offer gifts for reviews.

    But you do have to seek out reviews for yourself, at first. Ask people on your list, approach people who like to review books, people with book blogs, top reviewers, etc.

    Takes a little leg work but it can be done.
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    There is a new product on offer in the Warrior Forum that is supposed to help you get reviews.

    Here's the link:

    It seems to be getting really good reviews.
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    Do a search for reviewers. There are thousands of people out there that actually like to review books. Then sit down and write to them asking if they'd consider reviewing your work.
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    Give them some return with those who purchase with you and request for some review.
    Mostly they are happy to give you a simple or short review and receive some giveaway from you that related to the product you sell.
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    Based on your subject, put up a like book for sale on eBay.
    Example: marketing ebook, put up 4 Hour Work Week

    As a bonus in the description tell them they'll get a digital copy of your book.
    Ex. Winner will also get a copy of Work Less, Play More: A guide to enjoying life by avoiding work at all cost

    Alert all viewers to PM you on how to get a free copy of your book.

    Once they PM you, allow them to read the first few pages/chapters for free and leave their honest thoughts on your Kindle page in order to get the full book. Note that you're not asking for glowing testimonials. You're only asking for honest feedback based on what they've read thus far.

    Once testimonials are left, make good on your word and email them the full book.
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    You can offer a contest. In other words, anyone who leaves a review will have a chance to win a prize.

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