Boosting Traffic With Backlinks - How?

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Hey Warriors

I'm getting bored of doing the same old traffic tactics with my health blog. I'm writing and submitting articles to directories, adding and social bookmarking new content, using Yahoo answers, optimizing content for the SE's etc

Traffic is growing steadily, but I'm not happy with the number of backlinks I have.

If you wanted to grow traffic to your blog by getting backlinks (and benefiting from direct traffic from these links and increased SE ranking) how would you go about it?

What tasks would you undertake?

James Penn
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    Hi James,

    There was a superb SEO thread today - I guess you'll certainly find it useful:


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      Hi Robert

      Thanks for that, it was a good read, even if I didn't get some of the technical side of it. I'm quite a failure when it comes to technical things.

      Anyone else got any ideas on getting backlinks for traffic and ranking?

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    Hi James,

    One way would be to connect with other bloggers in your area.
    Attend blogger events or meet-ups and exchange business cards.

    You might consider building a "personal" site which other bloggers
    will readily link to. Eventually, they will see the value of your "money"
    site and will later on link to that as well.

    In the Philippines, I've noticed that after blogger events, website
    traffic spikes since new bloggers you meet check out your blog,
    and eventually post links to you (especially after they publish photos
    of you taken during those events).

    So go out and meet the local bloggers. :-)

    Kind regards,
    Manuel Viloria
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      Hi, I did something to link-bait a couple of months ago.

      I have big posts with numbered points such as "50 Excelllent tips to choose your wedding gowns" for example.

      I create over 20 posts on such topics and post them in my blog. I realise quite a number of blogs link back to me.

      My 2 cents,

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