My content has been stolen - What should i do?(website included in thread)

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The article here has been ripped from Ezines without any link to me. What should i do?

I did a whois and came up with this.

Registrant Search: "Yasir Mehmood" owns about 23 other domains
Email Search: is associated with about 13 domains

What do you guys think? I'm sure the rest of the content will be ripped from ezines too.
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  • Profile picture of the author Steven Wagenheim
    Contact him first. Demand he remove it. If he doesn't comply, then contact
    his hosting company.

    Make sure you show them all documentation that you can that it's yours and
    that he is using it illegally.
  • Profile picture of the author Allen Graves
    You cannot do much, really. Not unless you have plenty of time and patience.

    Just inform EZA. I believe they can block that IP from downloading their rss.

    • Profile picture of the author neddag
      Out of all the articles I've published at EZA, I'm guessing that 30-40% don't have a link or author box when I find them on other sites.

      It used to bother me a lot, but now I don't even worry about it. The problem is too big for me to waste my time with. I've got more productive things to do.


      P.S. Even more disturbing is when they leave the author box but spin it and the article into some unintelligible garbage.
  • Profile picture of the author Matt Hoey
    I contacted a few people including his hosting and this is the result.

    "Thanks Matt.I'll get in touch with Yasir and then terminate his sites.
    Thanks for the report!"


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