What would YOU do to get $500?

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I know something similar has been brought up in the past, and usually there are some great insights.

If you needed to earn $500 in, let's say, 4 days, what would you do? You have no list, no products, and could spend no more than $50 to get rolling. You have nothing. It has to be marketing related. Selling sperm doesn't count.

Can it be done?

No, I don't need $500. This is more about all of the different techniques available to people. We don't need to know your secrets here. Just a brief description.

For me, being in the "offline" niche, if I was desperate, I would spend a day putting together a nice website for myself($15 for domain and one month hosting) offering to build sites for others.

I would then compile a nice package of printed material via open office(free) explaining what I do. I would then hit as many businesses as I could dropping off that info, with a special 1/2 off discount to build them a website(normally $1100, yours for only $550, valid one week only).

Try and speak with the business owners themselves, but since we are on a time contraint basis here, I just keep rockin on to the next business if they are busy and leave the material and follow up via phone the next afternoon.

If you hit 20 businesses a day for 3 days, I guarantee you will have made at least one sale right away.

Not the optimal way to approach this niche, and only recommended this way for the the purpose of this post.

So what's yours? Affiliate marketing. Develop your own product? WSO? PLR? Rememer...4 days. So most aff programs pay out every 15-30 days.

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    I banked a $572.83 affiliate commission this morning, does that
    let me off?

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      Originally Posted by John Taylor View Post


      I banked a $572.83 affiliate commission this morning, does that
      let me off?


      haha. Sure does. Free pass for John.

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    $500 in 4 days? That's easy... I sell my services as a writer.

    Anytime I need to come up with fast cash I'll offer discounted site copy, press releases, sales letters, emails, you name it.

    IMHO, when it comes to generating cash in a hurry, selling services is by far your best bet - whether on or offline. Online you've got the option to sell writing services, design services, programming skills, script installation, site building, etc. There's always someone needing your skills if you're even halfway dedicated to what you can do.
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      Don't forget selling your goods...Many people have a bunch of stuff lying around that they don't use or wouldn't mind getting the money for. You can sell through Craigslist or some such site.

      I think that without a lot of IM experience, it's best for people to turn to things they know, like selling things or services.


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