Being Successful with Your Own Product On ClickBank

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Has anyone that has posted a product on Clickbank gotten affiliates rather quickly to help promote your product? Any ideas or major tips to follow when putting a product on CB? I'm interested in different experiences people have had. Thanks!
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    You won't get affiliates just by putting your product on Clickbank. You might
    pick up one or two out of luck. But if you want to get a ton of affiliates,
    you have to go out and get them.

    Clickbank is no magic bullet. I have 6 products with them and can count my
    affiliates on one hand. Fortunately, I can sell my stuff on my own.
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      john reese's traffic secrets 2.0 is great for finding affiliates and teaching them how to sell is the best I have see so far.

      he has one whole cd that is dedicated to the process.

      But I say if you have a good quality product and you know some of the big wigs in your niche you will get tons and tons of affiliates.

      I am in several niches where Affiliates actually hunt for me and my cool is that!

      Once you get to this level you are set. But it is a bit or hard work.

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    Take a look at this:

    ClickBank PayDay

    I think this is like the bible of selling on clickbank

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