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hi everyone i am helping a friend who got food and drink wholesale business, he want me to create a site where he can post product pictures, describtion and to inform his customer whether that product is in stock or not, so there will be loads of catagory and each catagory will have subcatagory then in subcatagory there will be at least 10 product title, picture and green bottom that say instock or not, this will need to be done on the admin page also maybe his customers place an order online but no payment online he perfers cash on hand as he delivery items to their stores,i have looked at woocommerce and mayashop theme but i don't know whether it will do what i want, please give me some suggestion as to what i need. Thanks in advance
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    I'd highly recommend WooCommerece. You can find a ton of themes that have built in designs around them. Plus WooCommererce is free, so you can't find a better deal.
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    You can also go to fiverr and hire someone to build it.

    Be sure to check the gig rating of the offer before buying it.

    Also check the reviews.
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      Originally Posted by henryw1981 View Post

      You can also go to fiverr and hire someone to build it.

      Be sure to check the gig rating of the offer before buying it.

      Also check the reviews.
      I agree. While it's good to learn new stuff (and I try to do it as much as possible to increase my skills and knowledge) there are some things you just have to get outsourced and Fiverr is fantastic for that. I've had some awesome work done there. Currently waiting on TWO wordpress headers which have cost five bucks for the pair!

      But yes you need to find the right gig and be sure to check the ratings and feedback. There's also Odesk, Elance and which may be worth a look.
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    thanks everyone i will have a look fiverr and also woocommerce
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    On fiverr you'll get something worth $5.

    If you want a functional site for all those requirements enlisted - get a pro.
    Sorry, for all of us there is stuff we can do, and there are things that is above our head...

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    I was Web Designer in my past life and would recommend or
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    I agree that fiverr is not the way I would go on this one

    I'm thinking PrestaShop - Start an online store today with PrestaShop's free e-commerce software. is what will do what you need, check it out

    forget using wordpress for what you are trying to do

    If you do not build your dream, someone else will hire you to help them build theirs.

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    WooCommerce does have an option to tick off stock levels, whether it's in stock or not in stock. It's a very comprehensive ecommerce solution for Wordpress.
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      Try, they have some ecommerce themes. I use them for all my wordpress sites.

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    Originally Posted by newman1981 View Post

    hi everyone i am helping a friend who got food and drink wholesale business...
    I can help. 1-2h mentoring and you can do everything without the need to hire anyone.
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