First Clickbank Product, How Do I Attract Affiliates?

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Hey everyone,

I'm new here, just signed up this month. I have some questions about my first Clickbank product. I got my first eBook Clickbank approved. How do you attract affiliates and get more exposure?

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    Hi Daniel,

    The short answer is "by having a quality product with a sales page which successful affiliates (that's about 5% of all ClickBank affiliates) feel will probably convert their traffic, and to which they're willing to send their subscribers/traffic". You need proven conversions of targeted traffic, before you start looking for affiliates, because finding them and retaining them are two different things, and it would be a great shame to put time, effort and energy into attracting affiliates only to find that they don't stay because they can't make enough money from your commissions..

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      Wow! Stick with Alexa. That was all you will ever need. I don't know where she gets it. But, that is great stuff. Thanks for sharing Alexa.

      Dr. Mike
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    Honestly you will need way more than an ebook to get affiliates to promote your product assuming its in the IM niche. You will need a great converting sales page, high priced upsells and downsells, only thing that is optional is a good product. Unfortunately most big affiliates will only promote stuff that will make them alot of money.

    Good luck with your product though, keep cranking them out.
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    Definately go with the great advice provided by Alexa. Also pay a good commission

    percentage of about 75% or more to attract more affiliates. Make sure that your book has

    quality and helps others in your niche. Good luc
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    Draw affiliates to your offer. Make sure you have a fantastic sales copy, great tools for affiliates such as ad copys, banners and keyword lists. Affiliates love up-sells as well such as OTO's. Hope this helps!
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    Do a Google search for keywords related to your ebook content and look for blogs that review products - you could do a search for "keyword reviews".

    Contact the blog owners and ask if they would be willing to review your ebook and that you have an affiliate program. Send them a free copy.

    You then get exposure in the search engines as well as affiliates.
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    You always want to have a link at the bottom of your sales page where people can sign up to your affiliate program. That is one way to get more affiliates.

    Your sales page and graphics must be professional too if you want affiliates taking you seriously.

    Another suggestion is to actually take every customer that comes in and allow them to sign up to your affiliate program. Make it a part of the whole process and you funnel system right after they purchase. In the back office of your product, put up a banner that shows them your affiliate program.
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      Originally Posted by talfighel View Post

      You always want to have a link at the bottom of your sales page where people can sign up to your affiliate program. That is one way to get more affiliates.
      and also to frighten them off

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    Daniel, I don't know what structure you intend on having in place, but here's my advice as a vendor. If you plan on selling your ebook through Clickbank, and attracting affiliates, then consider putting up a simple offer page, without any leaks on it (no optins etc) for them to drive traffic to.

    If you intend on putting together an authority site and publishing content as a traditional blog and promoting the product yourself, then consider giving your product a different name on Clickbank, than on your authority site. Why? Because once affiliates get hold of it, they'll be blasting your product name EVERYWHERE, and that can potentially cause issues with your brand.


    Let's look at my current situation.

    I have literally hundreds of affiliates "promoting" my product. 98% of them have NFI what they're doing, with most of them simply copying my site, scraping my site, or duplicating pages. This has hurt MY site in the SERPS, through Panda penalties, because Google is now seeing the same crap everywhere.

    Be warned. You say you want affiliates, but do you....really?

    If you want to just throw up an offer and pimp the hell out of it, then none of this will apply. If you want to build a real business and a brand, then be mindful of what "attracting affiliates" might mean.
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    Where do you all buy traffic to test sales conversion? Are solo ads good for this?

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    If you want to attract affiliates... Give them info or
    show them where they can get software that will
    make them more money. And chances are they'll
    promote your product.
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    solos are good for testing...

    You can attract affiliates by offering them some kind of benefit in return for promoting your product. Also you should be offering a high commission on the front-end
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    It’s very hard to recruit affiliates for a new product. You product must be really good to attract affiliates; a product with low refund rates.

    It’s hard to convince others to promote your ebook even if it is of good quality, so you can imagine what happens if it is not.

    You can post your affiliate program here at the Warrior Forum and try to convince warriors to promote your ebook if it is about internet marketing or a good niche. You have to pay a certain amount to post your offer; I don’t remember how much.

    There are many sites where you can find affiliates by posting your affiliate program there. However, your ads at these sites are not free.

    There are many people looking for affiliates, without being able to find them.

    And even if many people will promote your product, how will they work?

    If you want to find affiliates who will really work promoting your products you have to help them with banners, email messages, internet marketing lessons, and everything you can.

    It’s a good idea to create an email list for your affiliates and keep sending them encouraging messages with new tactics and lessons, etc.

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      A lot of advice but is your offer unique? Is your sales page professional and appealing? How about the graphics, are they top-notch or cheap and tacky? What about affiliate material -- emails, banners, ads, etc.?

      More importantly, have you tested your offer. Does it convert and if so, what's your conversion rate?

      You can spend all the time in the world attracting affiliates but unless you know for a fact that it converts you are just spinning your wheels. You may get affiliates willing to test the waters but they're not going to stick around.
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    I do need critiquing from a different point of view. Am I allowed to post the link to my site here?

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      Locating potential affiliate partners can be straight forward.

      I use one approach with good success.

      1. I find my top five competitors.
      2. I then have a automated method and process where I can track down every website that has links back my competitors sale site. In other words I'm locating all the websites that are selling my competitors product.

      (If they are already promoting my competitors product , I know they are most likely an affiliate, and will be receptive to considering other products they can make money from.)

      3. I then carefully craft a subtle approach to those same site owners who are promoting my competitors product, offering them an incentive to promote my product.

      There is more, but that's it in a nutshell. And for me it's makes finding affiliates so much easier.
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    Thanks for your insight Glen. Anyways, here is my sales page: No Product Profits
    If any of you guys could give me some feedback, that would be great.
    Also, if I am not allowed to post that link up, please let me know.

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    First of all I think you should increase the commission from 50% to more. It is well known that many successful programs offer 75% commissions, so you're already shooting yourself in the foot I think by setting it at less.

    And yes, also in your product description you should have a mention of your affiliate page and provide many things, banners, email series, videos, ebooks, etc.. that can be rebranded and republished.
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    Must look at this from the affiliate perspective. Why would they promote? I'm sure there are people here who would promote but you need to ensure them how would they profit from it or why would anybody buy the book. How would this book help someone, convince them, convince them more etc. Good wording helps a lot. Start like that and.. multiply everywhere.

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