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I am wondering if anyone knows of a script or several that would get Amazon and eBay to appear on my website so I can sell affiliate products. I also would want to have a section for videos, so I would like YouTube functionality and well as flickr and yahoo answers.

Is there any software/scripts that would get all these onto my site (and possibly more) in one package? Or do I have to implement them all separately?

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    Hi there Ken

    I think there have been a few plugins released, one i think was by Edwin Boiten that I think did just that. I can't remember the name i'm afraid but I know he did one quite a while back.

    Kind regards

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    Thanks for the reply Colleen. I was hoping for a php script instead of a plugin because my site is built with XSitePro not Wordpress.
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    Let me explain a little bit further. I have a php script on my site (the Pontiac GTO one in my signature) that was working great but now the ebay functionality doesn't work like it should and the youtube is really bad. The Amazon one shows the product fine but I don't think it works correctly either because I used to make some sales and now I have not had any sales for quite some time. I know that some of these probably made changes to their API but I don't know how to make these changes on my site since it was initially build into the script.

    The script is AutoMega Script which is no longer supported and seems to have vanished from the internet.
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    Old Post... Sorry

    Hi GoldenRule. As per your requirement I have found 2 standalone scripts that might fit your current requirements.

    Affiliate Niche Script | Affiliate Niche Script Store Builder

    PHP Scripts - Instant Affiliate Shopping Search Engine | CodeCanyon
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    Mmm all those scripts are creating mini-sites or Wordpress.
    I would like to find a PHP script that shows products from amazon or others like the script of Mr. Rat, he did a great job since many years, but I see it isn't updated anymore :-( I suppose it doesn't work correctly any more ?

    Someone found a good script to include in a HTML site ? No publicity of your own scripts if not related to what is asked please :-)

    Thanks in advance,
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