Niche or not to Niche

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I'm getting ready to put together my first WSO. I'm interested in Internet Marketing, specifically how to help people get started in internet marketing.
Would it be better to pick a sub niche of internet marketing or stay with the broad general theme of IM? Thanks for your feedback.

Dr. Mike
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    Start with a sub niche, they tend to do well. Good luck with your first WSO
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    You definitely want to niche down.


    So you can get known as the person to "Go To" in your niche.

    It takes some time to do this. So if you jump around from niche to niche, you'll never get known for anything.

    Make sure you pick something you like talking about all day...because with the support tickets alone, you will be talking about it all day.
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    Why not take the pulse of the forum and figure out what people want and willing to pay for? Here are some pertinent facts about this place:

    The main buyers are male between 18 and 35
    The don't like to read much and greatly prefer video to written text
    They're not particularly interested in business; they want "systems" that will deliver cash with little or no work or capital involved
    Many of them believe they can make money by putting some slick software to work on autopilot
    They're incredibly gullible (see previous comment)

    BTW, this is not a slam or judgement, it's an observation. This is who your buyers are.
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    Yes its so much better to be an expert in your field rather than a 'jack of all trades'. Saying that im one of those myself ;-)
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    Yeah I agree with what most of the people on this thread are saying. Niche it down. The IM niche is way to saturated to come out with a general "get started" guide for newbies. There's thousands of those programs out there, what makes yours any different?

    But I'll tell ya... There are very few IM products for single moms who are in their 30's who want to make more money for their kids. Or a tailored IM course for men in their 40's who hate their job and want work for themselves. Get creative. Niche it down.
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    A single niche of IM - this is just more simple for the consumer, who wants things to be quick, easy and simple. IM itself is too broad and covers an array of subjects, hence things to learn.
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    I'd stay away from the broad term and narrow down the research as much as possible! You really want to do some targeted research! Who is your audience? What do they need? How can you give them value? 3 simple questions, now find the answers!

    That's how I work! I try to make things as easy as 1+1=2 and when I start over thinking I put a stop to it!

    Some people will advise you not to go into that niche....I wouldn't listen to them! Do as you please, that's RULE NUMBER ONE, but work strategically!

    Good luck!

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    You might want to begin by taking a short survey.

    Some people don't really give a damn about putting sufficient
    effort in research before product launch but you will soon find out
    that it's not only a wild goose chase but also planning to fail.
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    sub-niche there are a million other IM products out there that you need to differentiate yourself from. Once you build up credibility and make a name for yourself, then you should start to think about putting together a broad based program.

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