Optimizepress vs Salespresspro

by tono4850 9 replies
These two seems to be the best to build squeeze pages I have found, but which of them is better ?

My requirements are : squeeze pages, membership, download (OTO pages), blog page template

Thank you in advance
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    I tried to look at salespress pro but all I got was this stupid video that had no controls. I lasted about 30 seconds and left. But good luck with your promotion


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    Your requirements are very general.

    Both themes meet your described needs.

    The only replies you will get are personal preferences. The recommendations will not be based on anything you need.

    "Personally I like Optimized Press."

    "Well, I tried Optimaized Press but I prefer Salespresspro."

    Did you find that helpful?
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    I prefer Optimizepress, i have had some success with this.
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    thanks, I have read OptimizePress is not very suitable for regular blog. Is it true ?

    (I want to make a squeeze page, but also write a blog on the same domain or subdomain)
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      Originally Posted by tono4850 View Post

      thanks, I have read OptimizePress is not very suitable for regular blog. Is it true ?

      (I want to make a squeeze page, but also write a blog on the same domain or subdomain)

      Profits Theme does all that and has a regular blog page template as well.

      Very similar to Optimize Press but cheaper.
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    With optimizepress I was able to create 70% converting squeeze page, kick ass sales page and nice email confirmation pages(although I don't use it anymore)

    Optimizepress, no doubt.
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      OptimizePress is awesome.

      I didn't realize just how much time, effort, and hassle it really saves me once I started creating squeeze pages, sales letters, etc.

      It was used a blog template in my muscle building niche, didn't care for it too much for that feature, but it is doable
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  • I use optimize press
    soon people... Relax...
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    OK here's a killer tip for using OptimizePress with a blog...

    Set up a main WordPress installation in your root directory for your main blog and install any theme of your choosing to style your blog.

    Add a sub-directory to your main site and install a second installation of WordPress in the sub-directory, and install the OptimizePress theme on this subdirectory installation. Use this sub-directory installation for all your landing pages.

    Voila, one theme for your blog, OptimizePress on your landing pages.

    Go for OptimizePress, since their product is awesome, the shortcodes and shortcuts save masses of time, their help centre is excellent and the product does what it says on the tin. Plus it's just $97 and the license covers all sites you build and own (although not sites you build for clients)
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