What would you do with a 4 member internet marketing team ?

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I am building my in-house internet marketing team consisting of a content writer, a graphics guy, an SEO guy and a programmer. I have some solid business strategies in mind.

But I would like to know what the warriors will do if you have this four member team at your disposal ? How will you use these guys to make money ?

Just looking for more ideas...

Dr.Spencer Jones
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    To be honest, none of the above.

    I would fire all of them and start learning to do things on my own.
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    The sky is the limit! If I had such a full time team I would use a few certain tactics to make instant cash and then set up several long term winners. My background is seo so if your looking for another member pm your plans.
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    While I agree that you should know how to do everything that you are outsourcing, I wouldn't want to do it all myself once I learned.

    To handle all of these things by yourself takes time. A lot of time.

    I would rather spend my time creating other forms of passive income or getting my tan on by the pool.

    Heres what I would do if I had a 4 member IM team:

    1. Writer - Someone who writes clear and helpful content.

    2. Organizer - Someone who, for example, installs WordPress, uploads and updates plugins, and schedules content releases.

    3.Backlinker - Someone who will handle the backlinking to your site.

    -after 1, 2, & 3 are set up and running, you can relax a little by hiring a..

    4. Project Manager - Someone who will take over your job of overseeing and making sure things are going according to plan.

    A team like this could build 5+ sites a week, if done properly.

    Outsourcing is great and gives you the freedom to make more money while working less. And how can you go wrong with that?
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    Sounds like a good team, you should put the programmer to work and the rest will fall into place. Have him start by creating small applications, and the other guys will know what they have to do
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    Completely agree with whoever said that you should be able to tackle the tasks by yourself, but I've got to the stage where although I know what I'm doing, the sheer volume of work is too much, and I'm starting to outsource.
    He is right, but with a team in place you can crank out products fast. Everything could be in place before the actual product is done. I have a graphic designer and programmer, wish I could get someone to do the SEO
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    For me, I'd do a research on this forum to find out what's selling and then make use of the 4 people from their expertise to create a medium range product and sell it as wso twice a month.

    Leveraging the ready strength is much more effective than outsourcing to others.
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    That depends entirely on your strengths.

    If I were in your place, I'd let them all go for now and get someone who is very good technically if you are an out and out business guy. Create decent software products, and the two of you can put together some sort of equity as well.

    Once you start getting some customers, you can start expanding your team. At the start, I'd be as frugal and do just those things that will add value to my customer, and absolutely nothing else. So, the designer, the SEO guy, etc. all come in later. I'd perhaps even let go of the programmer if he's average or above average.

    Get someone really good otherwise you will be wasting your time. Managing people — and managing mediocre people — is the most difficult thing. So, just have one good programmer and grow with him. As you go, there might be a need of more people and that's okay. You will get them then.

    The problem with software development, if you aren't a really good developer yourself, is finding one. You can't do with someone who is good, average or above average. That will bring you to halt at some point of time.

    But that's my version of things, and how I'd do it.


    In your case, I'd most probably set up a service on one side to get some money flowing in (writing, graphics, etc.) while I build a few sites. The site building and affiliate marketing part can take a little while to really get going, so for about 3 months or so, a service can be a good sidekick.

    If you can get business, the services part will grow without any major problems. There's also a pretty decent opportunity to scale.

    The key here is that you aren't "outsourcing" per se; you say you have an in-house team. That means that their success and failure is completely your responsibility. When you are outsourcing to some other company, or even a consultant, they can take care of a lot of the work, without a lot of supervision. They are also responsible for what they deliver.

    But I can tell you from experience that it won't happen with in house employees. You will need to supervise; you will need to keep all of them on the right track. So, your role in developing the team, setting up processes, getting business, getting scale, etc. becomes rather important.

    I'd spend a couple of weeks training them on exactly what their roles are, what I want them to do, and put together processes so that their work is checked before it's delivered, and I'd start with some kind of a service while I build a few sites. If these people are really good, you can even offer high-value services.
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    Before I hired 4 people to do various jobs I would have worked out what I planned to use them for. You seem to have done the process a bit backwards if you're not sure what the plan is for them or are you just asking what WE would do?

    I'd put them to work on some projects I've got in mind but haven't had time to start yet. Get the ball rolling.
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    Can I borrow them?
    I'll have them back before midnight and run them through the car washbefore I do

    I like the plr site idea above.

    Get that programmer pumping out WP plugins

    Start a WFH thread doing services for others

    Get them a Keurig , a stocked refridge, and a hot receptionist to gawk at and you're golden.
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    Let me see if I understand correctly: so you've gone about building a team before you know what to actually do with them? Err....

    My advise? fire them all, and hire a SEO expert, a Paid Traffic expert, an Affiliate Manager and a Conversion expert.

    Internet Marketing is all about traffic + conversions. Hire experts in either of those two fields.
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    Ummmm, Usually you have a plan/idea and then you put together a "team" best suited to
    complete the project... You seem to be putting the cart before the horse...

    PS. Ive always wondered, every man and his dog on the sub continent seem to have their own "team". How do you guys afford them?
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    Originally Posted by JackSarlo View Post

    content writer, a graphics guy, an SEO guy and a programmer.

    Create a plr membership site... writer creates ebooks, articles in various niches. Graphics guy creates the graphics for the salesletters/squeeze pages, programmer creates the html files for salesletters/squeeze pages.

    Your membership site hence gives plr ebooks, articles, etc complete with html pages (squeeze and/or salesletters).

    SEO guy works on SEO for your prl membership site.

    So just like existing plr membership sites - try to make something fresh and better.
    Thanks for bringing that up, really great idea. I do have a PLR site sitting dormant for couple of years which I can tweak and relaunch for some quick profits.

    Thanks again...

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