Help me develope a method to deliver my product? Course Teaching How To Sell Beats Online

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I want to develop a medium length course that will help Rap/Hip Hop producers sell their beats online. There are already a few people in this niche selling to these guys, and I know them because I'm a producer who has bought their products.

Basically, these guys are teaching basic IM strategy but applying it to solely beat selling. It's almost as though they keep secrets to keep you dependent on them and not branch off, like I did. I said you know what I think it's deeper than this guy and he's holding back a lot of info. That's just the vibe I got and sho nuff, it was true lol.

However, not all producers are like that. Im just being honest when I say the demographic tends to be full of not-so-educated, desperate people who have an extreme desire and passion to live off their music. I mean, who didn't wanna be a rock star at some point?

Any way, as I said in a previous post, I have been going at the MMO thing for about a year now, just learning that I was internet marketing not too long ago, that's how I came across this forum. In my experience, PRODUCERS have been MUCH QUICKER to hand me money over the internet than rappers.

My first product was a poorly designed sales page with one testimonial I had someone do for a .wav drum kit. What that is is a .rar file of drum sounds. I sold the kit for something like 9.97 or something and I got a decent amount of sales without using any PPC or list.

This is what I want to do, I want to undercut my competition by offering the same type of course as them, but for way less. I want to tell producers not to be scared of the low price, I want to tell them that if they buy my course they will never have to buy another product on how to sell beats ever again!

The website will be something to do with the keywords sell beats, and I will drive traffic mainly through PPC and forum marketing.

The first and only accessible page will be a squeeze page, so I can get them to sign up to my Aweber. In return for their name and email I will give them a free kit and promise them access to the course.

After they sign up, they get email message 1 with the download link to the kit and it automatically takes them to the sales letter where it breaks down the course, instills urgency, shows benefits and all that. I'll have to really work on the sales letter lol.

So far I have the course outlined like this:

Mindset -

Here I will talk VERY briefly about the importance of a positive mind state. I will advise them to read Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill, and give them other names that they can watch on youtube for free such as Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, and Wayne Dyer. Basically Im gonna keep this part short so I don't scare anyone off, but I'm gonna let them know that it is essentially step one to getting anything done. Maybe provide a little personal story about how I got over my depression without any drugs, just a positive attitude and devoting myself to my business.

Focus on QUALITY first!

In this brief section, I will explain that a certain "guru" in this niche says often that you just have to have decent beats, and you can sell them online no problem with proper marketing. I want to tell them NOT to take this advice, and to focus on making the best beats they can possibly make at ALL times. "Don't make beats to sell them, make beats because you love it" will be the main theme here. Again, very brief, but I think it's something that needs stressed. Here I will also give a FEW tips on how to make better beats. But I will say something like, this course isn't here to teach you how to make what I think are good beats though, so assuming you have this part down lets move on to

Internet Marketing

At this point I will go in to the basics of what the other guru teaches. I want to essentially teach everything he does but let them know it's deeper than just selling beats. It's how all money on the internet is made.

This is what the one "guru" did. He learned IM, and applied it to HIS business. Then he sells it to a shit ton of desperate, broke producers for ~$67+. As far as I can tell, HE HIMSELF has never been a great success selling beats online, his success comes from selling how to sell beats online. I'm not hating, I just think that he uses psychology a little to much, and though he never flat out lies, I just think he's kinda deceptive. He's a good salesman, makes you FEEL like you're good friends really. I'm not hating, basically I wanna do the same thing!

I will first tell the members of the course that they need to start their own website. I was thinking of showing them how to do it as well, and explaining ALL the costs. I might even record me setting up the website that they bought the course from, just so I can show them exactly how it's done.

Next I will tell them that they need to start a mailing list. I will explain what the mailing list does, and provide some examples. By this point theyll probably be thinking, ok he got me! lmao that's how I felt when I learned about this stuff. I will go into building relationships, not coming off as pushy etc. I may find some good products/free resources on this so I can include on how they might type their emails. I will say you need to do 3 emails doing nothing but providing value, with a soft sell on the end, and every 4th email do a HARD sell.

At this part, I will then tell them about all the resources that can be applied to selling beats online. Many of these people think that there's something special about selling BEATS ONLINE and don't realize it's really just SELLING beats online.

I will advise them to go to their local library, and check out books for FREE on selling, internet marketing, and sales psychology. I will let them know about this forum. I will let them know that through proper google searching, they can find just about anything they need for FREE as far as information goes.

Basically my concern is this. I have a "major placement" with a somewhat major rapper named Lil B. You've probably never heard of him lol but he's somewhat famous. But I haven't had much success selling beats online to be totally honest. I have a list, and even though I've really just started using it up until this point Ive only made a little over $100 selling beats online in a year.

In order to make up for that, I want to kinda not even mention, and just make the course "cheap". Im thinking 20-40 dollars.

My main question is what is the best way to deliver this? I thinking of recording powerpoints and talking over the slides as the course, so should I just have a hidden page on my website that they get a download link to after payment? Any advice? This would be my first time launching something like this, but it's a good market and I think a lot of producers would shell out 24.97 no problem. I already have a list of about 58 producers, and I can continue to build on that until I launch. I want to have everything 10000% ready including the email campaign for the signup on the squeeze page before I even go live. Then I'll just give it some PPC and see what happens!

Any ideas? Anyone interested in maybe teaming up for the IM part so I can use having a "professional" as a selling point? Let's talk about this $$$
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    maybe I could write an Ebook and find affiliates? I dont know anything about clickbank but is that something I want to look in to?
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    What do you think about writing the ebook, then doing a squeeze page like I said and having a nice fairly long sales letter but not too long selling a......$15 ebook?
    You need a high priced product with lots of upsell and downsells before a big affiliate will even look at your offer. Expert status means nothing on clickbank, money talks and B.S walks there.
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    So it looks like a squeeze page to follow up that leads to a sales letter is the best bet for an ebook? or even a recorded course?
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    2 Things:

    1- Like I said yesterday, the size/state of
    the market is going to be an issue. How many
    of these could you possibly hope to sell? How
    big and hungry is the market?

    2- You want to teach other people how to
    sell beats on the Internet, yet you've only
    been able to make $100 doing this. In a year.

    Big disconnect there, my friend.

    -David Raybould
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    Beats - like anything - have their target audience and it is indeed huge. A small portion of that audience is prepared to pay for their beats, as long as they get them royalty-free. That small portion is actually a thriving and vibrant market and money CAN be made there. The only question is "how much?", lol

    The answer to that question consists of a couple of parts:

    - Can you gain access to that group? They're spread out all over the world, main centers being in the US and UK - but do you know where they hang out online? What do they read? Where do they get their paid beats today?

    - Since there is also a sizable group out there who is into learning this thing, they're your second target demographic - and the same questions will apply.

    In the entertainment business, perhaps more so than in any other, REPUTATION is key. If you're seen as "cool", your product will be desired. So, part of your whole strategy is to establish that coolness.

    How do you do that? Well, if you can have a top rapper endorse it for you, that's a start. Jay-Z or whoever saying he's using YOUR beats. Failing that, have a top engineer or producer endorse it. The more testimonials the better.

    Now, ON TOP of that, or perhaps as a lead up to that, you need to develop your BRAND. Offer free samples to top studios. If they use it, you get your testimonials - and a track record. But don't forget to ALSO give away beats to your target audience - for free. Or rather: in exchange for a signup to your list. (Later you can promote other musical things to them as well - as long as you have their permission - and their emails, lol).

    Also, offer free courses - some teasers given away with no strings, more stuff given in exchange for an opt-in. Premium stuff reserved for "PRO" members.

    Make a realistic plan and goals. Work backwards - for example, "if I could find these people, how many would sign up to my free offer each day?", "how many of those would buy my premium offer?" etc

    And then put some meat on the bone. If, for example, you felt that you could easily get 10 signups per day (given the right access), and 10%, i.e. 1 person would buy from you - that would mean a list growing by 300 each month and 30 sales each month. Is that too much? Too little? Whatever your REALISTIC assumption is, now multiply your projected sales by their per-unit income. Subtract the total from your total $$ outlay. Are you making ends meet?

    If yes, continue scaling an making plans that assist that scaling. If not - find where you need to tweak.

    But the whole thing starts with finding your market and building your brand. Apart from having your product, teasers, optin-tasters and premiums fully developed.
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    I have a small list of rappers and a little bit bigger but still small list of producers that I've been collecting for the past month or two. Im not sure how active they are though it doesnt seem like they are too active. lot of freebie seekers I think.

    One thing I have been thinking is that I need to get in an affiliate program with say....some type of musician's friend type place, and send broadcasts with my affiliate link in there. But that's just some extra side money type stuff I guess.

    I'm reading the Jamie Lewis page now, it's pretty inspiring. Goes to show it CAN be done, I just have to figure it out. Maybe I shouldnt give up on the sell beats online niche after all lol.


    Instead of doing this, I'm going to teach producers how to make beats instead! I know I'm great at that, I know there's producers who want to pay to learn, and I know I can teach them and put them on the right track!

    Now I just have to figure out what to offer on the front end, how exactly to structure my back end membership, what site to use, and ahhhhh it's back to square one but I'm excited! I think I can stick with this one lol

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