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Hey guys.

I use wondows vista 07.

I want to sign my name on a word doc.

Any anyone know how to do it? or if you can?

many thanks
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    Type there your name?

    You will have to ask a more meaningful and detailed question.

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    What I did was just scan a copy of my signature on a white sheet and scanned it. Now I have it handy whenever I need it.

    It's NOT my official signature that I use on checks etc though
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    I agree with Sagar. You would have to use an image. It could be something you put together with a suitable font and your screen capture software.

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      thanks guys

      i thoughts there was a function on word where u can draw. and i thought i could use that.
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    For the Mac version there is, but I don't know about the Windows version. I wouldn't trust it. The draw tool makes MS Paint look like a real graphic design program.
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    There is that feature even in Win... but that's not really good for what you want.

    Plus, you do NOT want out there your real handwritten signature, do you?

    Make a 'handwritten sig" > MyLiveSignature - Creating a signature using the signature creation wizard
    and use that as an image in your document.

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