Amazon Site: Protozon theme + WP Zon Bot

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Hello, I'm trying to configure my amazon site, its a wordpress with protozon theme, and wp zon builder plugin installed.

Any of you have this set up already?

The thing is that my theme is not displaying autoposts correctly, its messing up everything. Its just matter of using the correct settings, template set and options.

Any one using this could help me to know which template set is the right one, and which other options to choose?

Thanks a lot!
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    Auto Posts? I wouldn't use any of the WP Zon's auto post features. Only the product details, i.e. price, read reviews, the picture and the buttons.

    I'd write the review yourself, or description if you have a store. The testimonials I'd only include a select few, and not completely display them, but include half the testimonial and have them click to read it all.

    Testimonials aren't too bad so if you want to display all of them, or the whole text that's fine. But atleast do your own features/description or reviews.
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    Contact your themes support. Many times when using wp zon builder you have to add a custom post field. You will find this in - Integration >> Custom field mapping - Your install instruction should have the correct codes.
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    Also, this service: uses the protozon theme with WPZon. Perhaps you can query them with any help you might need, and see if they are willing to give some advice free of charge.

    Here's their example site with WPZon:

    Epson Expression Premium XP-600 Review - Best Photo Printers Reviews
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    Not sure about that set up - I have found a quality theme in Thesis, regular updated content that is 100% unique and WP Discount Finder does the trick for me.

    The emphasis is on the updated content that is unique.
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    @Jason Perez O'Connor My new site has a broad reach and you are right that small niche sites are hit and miss. I like to keep my fingers in all pies (where possible) just in case one thing takes off. (big repeat) PM me dude because I think we could come up with something cool. (JV) IE: Authority review site mixed with "secret backlinking" and social media on auto. ..... If not good luck dude.

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