Anyone Good with Linked In Ads?

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Hey, was just wondering if anyone was good with Linked In Ads.

Tried finding some good resources on google, all a bunch of n00bs and idiots at brand agencies spewing the same crap.

The volume (perhaps my targeting is too tight) just seems to suck. Here is our targeting:

So the site we're trying to promote is Manufacturing Made Easy

overall CTR on the campaign is about .03% at the moment, the avg is supposed to be .025%

Looking at our creatives, there is one that stood out:

So at this point, I figure we can....

1. Duplicate the campaign multiple times ( I feel as though the ad server works like Facebooks)

2. Find similar images and keep launching.

Any thoughts/suggestions?
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    In my experience, rather than duplicating, use slightly different titles and descriptions with same meaning. Changing the image will also work out. you can search through some profiles to put in the description section as well.

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