Is it a good idea to put "prices" in your pre-sell page?

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Hey guys, I just need an opinion please. Do you think it's a good idea to put a prices of what your trying to promote in your pre-sell website?

For example, if you were promoting product ABC and put something like:

"Hey, you don't need to pay $100 dollars to solve this problem, ABC only costs <u>$28</u> dollars. You can get it here."

Or is it a bad idea to put prices on your pre-sell website as this might drive potential buyers away?

Which do you think is a better for conversions?

Thank you.
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    Try testing both options. First week, test with the price, next week without. Look at your stats to see which converts better. If you have fewer than 100 visitors/month, this will be tough going. Make sure you have the traffic before split testing.

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      Yeah it depends on a lot of things and on the particular situation. Sometimes it works best if you have the price other times it doesn't

      The best way is to just test and see what works for you.

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