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      I just recently found about about Google Docs. If you're uploading something that will be worked on by two people this might be of use.

      I'm sure it could act as a platform to transfer stuff as well.
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    don't think is possible
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      Originally Posted by korypearman View Post

      So the file is 14.6MB and Yahoo only allows files up to 10MB..
      Zip it. And now I need to add more characters.

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      Originally Posted by korypearman View Post

      So the file is 14.6MB and Yahoo only allows files up to 10MB..

      Use a service like SendThisFile The free version is also good and you can send large files through them.
      Note: I am not an affiliate but a happy user of their excellent service.
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    Send it through Email.
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    interesting info on sending a PSD, Thanx!
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