Best Looking Sales Page Design - WSO or Other?

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I am curious as to what many people think is the best looking sales page design they have seen.

It does not have to be just a wordpress or html site, you can include a WSO design also.

If you could provide a link to the page or at least a screen shot of the whole design that would be awesome.

Obviously I am a graphic designer, sales page designer, pretty much anything needed in the way of graphics. But I really enjoy looking at others designs for inspiration and ideas.

The mind is so powerful, it's amazing. The more exposure to other design elements, the more a persons mind has to draw upon for it's creative processing. The more you have been exposed to, the more creative you can be.
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    I thought this design was great:

    (I don't know the guy).

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    I keep mine a secret I did not do it Nicole did it but extremely happy
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    Yeah but overdoing it also gives the potential buyer the feeling the product is on th weak side. Why need such a flashy sales page? A clear explanation of the product is more than enough imo.
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    Some designs I think are better suited to be found on a website, while sales pages within forums such as WF, I prefer less graphics. Like you stated, you want graphics to enhance the important features of your copy. Guiding the eye, not overwhelming it.

    The SEOblast graphics you posted I thought was excellent for the pre/head/sub-headline, but then it just over did it as you scrolled - not a fan of poster-style sales pages, as opposed to sales pages that appear more integrated to the forum. I've always felt that the poster-style sales pages were a bit out of place in a forum where the eye is already trained to view text in traditional forum-style.

    An example I quickly pulled from the WSO section, I think manages a good mix of graphics and text, and appears seamlessly integrated to the WF background. I've seen much better examples, but this I felt shows the kind of balance between flashy graphics, headlines, and copy that I think works best on this forum.

    I realize you did not limit the question to the WF, but I guess my point is that where the page is meant to be viewed could potentially change perception of what is "best" in the eye of the beholder.

    One other important element to good design, is that it should enhance credibility; a little goes a long way, however. Ultimately, I think graphics should enhance the text, not obscure it.
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    Ya I actually like those designs. I think the first one, with all the cartoons is a little too done up but I think he did that for a reason, he was obviously trying to sell his design services.
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