Best affiliate announce, anyone?

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Rant & Rave!

Best affiliate announce please! I am sick and tired of waiting for to allow my emails to be sent to my 9,700 plus affiliates for my old site to help launch my new site... this sucks! I mean what advantage is it to have that many affiliates if you cannot reach them? I have been on with tech support all day and all I get is we will pass this on. Anyone else having this problem here? Not that it matters but I will PM anyone with a link to download for FREE, my new 3 eBooks "Miracle Water Car", "Legends of Classified Millions" and "Chris Jacobson’s Money Making System" for at least trying to help me solve this problem with PDC along with any hot resource for a "SOLID" affiliate announce! Please, this is a MUST at this point since I cannot get through to my other affiliates!


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      Hey Kimbollia2,

      You've just earned a PM! Thanks, I will check it out. By the way I just PMed you your FREE gift for this!

      Stay Golden!

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    Can you export you 9700 affiliates and Import them to a Autoresponder? I rund Giveaways and have affiliates for other sites I run and i have them all in my autoresponder to make sure everyone gets what I send.

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      PDC does not have any way to import or export emails. I should have had them sign-up first on my own created affiliate page so that I could still reach them.

      Thanks by the way, I might just try to find Mike and PM him.

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