How Can I Show Myself As The Authority In My Niche?

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How can I show myself to be the authority
within my niche? What are some ways of
doing this?

Also, do you think that becoming involved
in a second or third niche can diminish your
appearance of authority in the first niche?
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    The best way to appear as an authority is to be in your customer's face.

    What I mean by that is whenever someone looks up something in the search engine about your niche you want pages, articles, etc. to pop up all over the search engines.

    When someone visits a forum about your niche you want them to see your post and that the people on the forum respect your opinions.

    When someone buys a product from someone else in your niche you want them to get a bonus with their purchase that is something you made and gave to the vendor to distribute as a bonus with their product.

    You want to write articles and do interviews and get them on other peoples sites in your niche.

    After people see you everywhere and your content is everywhere what you will find is people will start to quote you. Now your an authority.

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      Three steps to getting started as an authority in your niche:

      1. Plenty Of Research... You MUST become knowledgable enough to convey your information clearly.
      2. Create an interactive presence.. Blog, Lense, HubPages, newsletter etc.. they need to "feel" you in order for it to advance.. simply allowing them to be involved in what you are sharing.
      3. Get out there in the niche forums and provide like nothing else.. "push the FREE line" so to speak.. give, give and then give a little more..

      This should get you started..

      And as for you other question...I think if the niche's are closely connected then you may have issues with credibility...

      but remember.. you don't have to be be THE authority in a niche to make it work...


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    Originally Posted by James Legacy View Post

    How can I show myself to be the authority
    within my niche? What are some ways of
    doing this?

    Also, do you think that becoming involved
    in a second or third niche can diminish your
    appearance of authority in the first niche?
    Ooh, this question could have been designed for me, this is the stuff I teach folks, thanks!

    Main tips are to show confidence, value, empathy, expertise through your content.

    Give away knowledge, your best stuff.

    Use social proof everywhere.

    Also you are judged by the company you keep. Network and get endorsements from the names in your niche.

    Added: Forgot to answer the second question. Most of the time having a second niche will not impact your first niche because the audiences are different. If the audiences do overlap, find a way to connect the two (eg. with me it is business blogging primarily overlapping with internet marketing, but copywriting connects the two)
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      Dude... just be better than everybody else and undercut your competition. I can assure you, the competition isn't nearly as bada$$ as people make it out to be.
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      Chris's Reply above reminded me of a few additional offline ways to help you get recognized as an Expert in your niche, namely:

      1) Present at offline Conferences/Seminars on your niche
      2) Present at colleges, organizations, etc. related to your niche
      3) Do a newspaper column related to your niche
      4) Do / be a guest on radio shows related to your niche

      I am sure there are many more, but for now ...

      I hope this all helps and Have a Great Day!

      - Michael

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