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I would like some advice please, I am creating a meta tag for this site:

and I am given the choice for robots:


I am a total newb and I am not able to make a decision about what to choose because I have no idea what they are about.

Could someone make a suggestion

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    Now that is one great example of a blog not only
    with a memorable domain name - it's one that
    will create a buzz AND get people clicking on
    your link just to see what you're doing.

    Nice job.

    As to your question - HECK YES... you want
    search engines to index and "do follow", that
    is if you want search engines to find you.

    The "do follow" will get more bloggers
    commenting on your site because the link
    to their website will be "followed" by
    search engines.

    I actually wrote about this topic on my

    Mods, if it's not OK to post that here,
    please let me know and I will delete.

    Hope that helps!
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    Thanks guys, it is a very new site and I am doing my very best to make it search engine friendly

    I have so many ideas and I have been buying up all sorts of treats for my visitors. I wish there were more of me (and NO I'm not the fat bitch! LOL)to get all the tasks done! "SO MUCH TO DO AND SO LITTLE TIME TO DO IT" and getting carried away reading threads on this site doesn't help!!!

    Go check out the thread about showing your picture, it's great to read. Everyone is having a ball
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      I've made my meta tag, now I can't find the file I upload it too

      As I have said I am a newbie and I can't find in my word press file the home page to be able to edit the code into it

      What folder would I find the home page in. I am in my hosting account, file manager and I have opened the fat bitch folder, but because there are so many files and folders I am stumped! I have looked at the title in 'view source' but it doesn't help me to know which folder to look in for that file.

      Any help much appreciated


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