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I have finally finished my first product. woo hoo.

I am waiting on the minisite template and promo tools before I put it up on clickbank.

I thought I would put it up on my blog and offer my readers a special price until I get it up on clickbank. Am just going to write a page on my blog so it will show up in the nav bar for now.

This is the first time I have done this and totally don't understand how to get them to the pdf in a secure fashion.

Can I just send them to the pdf url on my server in the successful payment url in paypal?

I thought I would set up a thank you page on my blog, but what keeps everyone else from finding and downloading the book?

I thought about password protecting the post, but then how do I get them the password?

I don't know how to build a regular html thank you page, or I would do that.

I was thinking I would just email them the pdf when I got their payment notice from paypal. but that seems a little lame. When I buy an ebook I want it right NOW.

Any suggestions, written for a 10 year old, would be greatly appreciated from a newbie product owner.

I have already heard, just set up a download page. (that's the part I don't get)


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    You can set up a download page that resides on your server and redirect the customer to that page after payment when you set up your payment button inside PayPal by clicking the "Add More Options" button at the bottom of the payment button set up screen.

    There's where you would add in your download page URL address.

    However, there is another way to make the download automated and at the same time more secure. And that is to use a download service such as DLGuard, or E-junkie Shopping Cart for selling downloads & tangible goods that handles delivery "behind the scenes" and will protect your product from being stolen.

    I would recommend you check those out and then decide for yourself how you'd like to handle your product delivery :-)

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    Hi Jackie,
    Here is a simple download page that matches your blog.

    And you can download the files here

    Just open it with a text editor like notepad and change the title and add the download info where it says "ADD DOWNLOAD INFO"

    You can use a encrypted paypal button and there are many more solutions you can do to protect your download. Just thought I would help give you a start by giving you a download page.

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      Thank you both for your replies.
      Tracy I decided to go with E-junkies. It was so easy and so cheap. Much easier for me not to have to hassle with it!



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