how to use social bookmarking sites?

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hi warriors,

ive recently joined digg & stumbleupon ive registered with & them & submitted our website details & with digg im digging the posts on the digg site & im submitting my own news article links i can find & with stumbleupon im marking sites using the toolbar & joining lots of social groups which are like forums & on both sites making friends/contacts to increase my profile.

can someone tell me exactly how this promotes business for us? because its soooo time consuming & ive just started with 2 digg/stumbleupon & realise ive got delicious + sharethis + reddit to do yet? shall i ? is this a worthwhile task? or just stop now?

some marketers just say submit to 50-100 social bookmarking sites & thats do i just submit our website url & descirpiotn etc & just leave it rather than maintaining this & building this like i doing on digg & stumbleupon?

appreciate some advice.thanks.
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    well a better method that i used and others...i just made a blog, put articles regarding my product...and then bookmark the blog to around 40 social bookmarking websites..and the whenever i put another article on my blog i pinged them so it gets updated. and i managed to keep one of my blogs in the first page of google for some time. oh...all the articles had a link to my official website at the end of them...kinda like offering my product as a solution to the problem discussed in the article.

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