Is anyone here generating a consisent amount of 1000 unique visitors per day?

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Hi, I am just wondering if anyone here
is able to consistently generate 1000 unique
visitors per day, everyday, for a duration of
2 months?

I am not asking you to divulge your secrets,
I am just curious to see how many people
here are achieving this feat. That's all.

I will be updating this thread and share my
top traffic generation techniques I personally
have found to be effective soon. Again,
I am just curious to see if there are many
Warriors generating this amount per day.

As I had done a survey to my list before,
and the TOP TWO most aggravating problem
they experience in making money online

1. Product Creation
2. Traffic Generation

So...I am curious to see how everyone
here is going.
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  • Profile picture of the author Jen McVey
    I've got a site in a non-IM niche getting anywhere from 1500-2200 uniques per day.

    I started out with link exchanges, then moved onto directory listings and article submissions. Very early on, I contacted an editor at about posting an article I wrote. She did and I got two great links and traffic from it every day.

    Is it making any money? That's a whole other post
    • Profile picture of the author Billy Deakin
      I have a non IM site that averages around 3000 uniques per day, all from organic search (no paid advertising at all).

      Most of my sites do much less than that, and my new IM blog only does between 100 and 200 uniques per day at the moment, but hoping to ramp that up over the coming months.

      Don't forget though it's not just visitor numbers that count... it's quality (how targeted) of visitors, and whether you convert them that counts!

  • Profile picture of the author omozu
    getting 1000 or 3000 is no problem converting them to cash is the problem and to answer your ? I get close to 2500 vistors every day but iam not getting the amount of money I want yet but I know I will get soon I use forums even though it is time consuming but they are good ways of gettig traffic I also ping and i ping every 30 mintues so I also get alot of visitors from there I have writting articles too but they are not much i don't think I gotting alot of vistors from that I hope I have answer your ?
    • Profile picture of the author jeffster
      I think many people do. I don't personally at the moment but momentum is building. As long as you don't give up you will get their eventually.

      It's not a matter of if, but when IMO.

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