What's better for your business a free email account or one with your domain name?

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I've been noticing that a lot of the more successful marketers have been using free email accounts especially gmail for their customer service emails.

I always thought you used an email from your own domain, because it added more legitimacy to your business. Anyone can setup a free email account and all that. Obviously anyone can really setup a hosting account to, so in reality it really doesn't matter.

I was just wondering what anyone else thought.
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    IMHO, an email address with your own business domain name is Much Better and shows More Legitimacy than any "freemail" address!

    I seriously question the legitimacy of someone's business who is using any "freemail" address for any of their business email addresses, particularly if they also don't list / tell me their web site / Domain Name otherwise, you know?

    I hope this all helps and Have a Great Saturday!

    - Michael
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      Personally it is easy to assume that one is using a free email address because it would be easy to discard of it etc. If you are serious, you will use your real domain email. I do have 3 free email addresses, but those are from the days of even before I owned any type of domain and therefore they are personal.

      I would never subscribe to a mailing list with my legitimate email address though. The amount of spam I would receive would totally annihilate my host
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    Well I have been building websites for over 15 years and I can tell you now with the thousands of customers I have dealt with almost all of them agree..

    It is better to use your own domain name because it does add some form of trust to your possible customers. It's the same reason why so many places join the BBB, Privacy Sites, Use SSL, and etc.. All of these add comfort and trust to the possible customers.

    Think about it, how does this sound to you ...

    " I can show you how to make money online with a very small startup funding. I am a proven marketer that has generated $100,000 every single month from the comfort of my own home. Contact me now at blahblah@freegooglemail.com "

    Now please ignore the ad as the writing is not the point here.. The point is how would that sound to you as a customer ? You claim you can show them how to make money and then you claim you make money but yet you are so cheap you use a free email account. Does not sound very good to me and I know alot of people would be very skeptical of that ad.

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      By far the best thing you can do is use your own domain name for your e-mail. It is especially important if you are running a business online that sells physical products that are drop shipped for example you would certainly want to use your domain name for an e-mail. You would want to set up e-mails for support@yourdomain.com, sales@yourdomain.com, returns@yourdomain.com, etc. This will help you take a small one or two person operation and make it look like an operation with several hundred employees. It is all about looking more professional so customers are more likely to feel safe with you.

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