ICICI VISA DEBIT Card Help Needed!!!

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Well I got a VISA Debit card from ICICI now i want to ask you guys whether i can shop online using that Visa debit card.

I have tried Godaddy.com site to purchase a domain and that did not work.
If anyone gives me a good idea of what i can do now??

Yes the Debit card is activated so i want those people that use an icici bank card to help me here please...
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    Hi Garima,

    No, you cannot use the ICICI debit card to make online purchases. You need a credit card.

    PM me, we can work something out, since we both have Indian bank accounts.

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    You won't be able to use an ICICI debit card for online purchases. You must have a VISA international credit card. ICICI debit card is just an ATM card to withdraw cash or shop (by swapping into a machine).

    When you use a debit card the payment processor of the vendor directly makes a connection with your ICICI savings/current account and "debits" the shopping amount imemdiately. Most online payment processors only accept international credit cards.


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